Dinnissen showcases many innovations at Victam

31-03-2014 | |
Dinnissen showcases many innovations at Victam

Dutch feed equipment manufacturer Dinnissen will be showcasing several innovations at Victam Asia. This is the latest hammer mill, an innovative station for emptying big bags of powders, particles and granulates and a new new high-capacity powder screening system.

Dinnissen’s new hammer mill features an ingenious and innovative design which significantly increases the surface area of the grinding panels as well as screen panels inside the hammer mill. This results in increased grinding as well as screening capacity. In addition, the screen storage facility is fitted with an extra-wide chamber, making it easier to carry out maintenance and replace damaged screens whenever necessary. This in turn reduces downtime during maintenance stops and increases the overall efficiency of the new hammer mill. The maximum speed of the new system is 1500 revolutions per minute, which means that it has a longer usable lifetime and is more energy-efficient than its predecessors. The built-in magnets and traps for unwanted hard objects also prevent damage to the screens from the presence of iron objects or other hard materials. This also increases the efficiency of the new hammer mill at a very low noise level.

Next to this, Dinnissen Process Technology has developed an innovative station for emptying big bags of powders, particles and granulates safely and efficiently. The new system aims to provide a safe working environment for operators in a wide range of sectors. In addition, the big bag emptying station provides a clean, hygienic, and dust-free working environment.

Also showcased at the Victam Asia is the new high-capacity powder screening system, developed for smaller and medium-sized companies that wish to quickly and efficiently carry out thorough quality controls on powders such as milk, starch, and cocoa powders. The new screening concept allows food producers to screen fine powders (≤ 100 mµ, 250 mµ or 1000 mµ) at very high throughput rates (up to 30 to 40 tons per hour), thereby avoiding product contamination and ensuring that the end product complies with the desired justifications. The new screening system is based on a centrifugal screen, whereby the ingredients being processed are introduced into the screening chamber via a special built-in transport system and then suspended via rotating blades.

Visit Dinnissen at Booth B115

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor