Dioxin scare firm claims contaminated oil was illegal

03-12-2009 | |

Millstream Recycling Ltd,a company that is being sued for €32m over supplying dioxin-polluted animal feed – claims the fuel oil purchased in Northern Ireland contained dioxins that are banned since the 1970s.

The oil was allegedly supplied by a businessman and another company unlicensed to deal in mineral fuels.

The contamination in December 2008 saw a recall of all Irish pork products after pig meat on several farms was found to have between 80 and 200 times more dioxins than the recognised safety limit. Many animals were slaughtered and compensation costs for Ireland alone are estimated at more than €180m.

Millstream, of Clohamon Mills, Bunclody, Wexford, is facing 18 court claims.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor