Dr Eckel introduces new prebiotic

29-06-2010 | |

German feed additive specialist Dr Eckel introduces AntaFerm HC, a new prebiotic supplementary feed for pigs, poultry and calves.

AntaFerm HC is the new prebiotic supplementary feed by Dr. Eckel. It is applicable for pigs, poultry and calves.
The prebiotic contains a well-balanced amino acid relation and high contents of natural B vitamins.
Beside the cell wall fractions of yeast (containing mannanproteins and β-glucans), also the nucleotides contained in the nucleus are set free by a special procedure in the production.
The effect of AntaFerm HC is increased by the prebiotic effect of calcium gluconate. The feed intake is enhanced by excellent palatability and provides the animals with highly available nutrient.
Product range
AntaFerm HC is an addition to the range of specialities in the AntaFerm family, which also contains:
  • AntaFerm YU – a natural plant based feed aroma improving animal weight gain and better feed utilisation;
  • AntaFerm MT – a combination of different components for the inactivation of mycotoxins;
  • AntaOxE  – for optimisation of vitamin E application in complete feed, and
  • AntaFerm H25 – a mannanoligosaccharide (MOS)
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