Dr. Marnie Mellencamp joins Ralco Nutrition

19-10-2007 | |
Dr. Marnie Mellencamp joins Ralco Nutrition

Ralco Nutrition Inc., has appointed Dr. Marnie Mellencamp as Director of Immunology. Mellencamp is one of the first immunologists hired by an animal nutrition company.

Mellencamp brings with her decades of experience and study of immunology,
molecular genetics, livestock health and production. She holds a B.S. in
Microbiology from Ohio State University. Mellencamp earned a Master of Science
Degree in Microbiology from Miami University. She later earned her Ph.D. in
Immunology from Miami University. She then continued with a post-doctoral
fellowship focusing on infectious diseases and immunology at Creighton
University and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Omaha, Neb.

High quality research
At Ralco Nutrition, Inc.,
Mellencamp will be extensively involved in high-quality research and development
of products and combinations of products that improve the welfare and
productivity of livestock. Because Mellencamp is not a nutritionist, she sheds a
unique perspective on the animal nutrition industry. “Health is a critical
component for every production system, large and small,” Mellencamp said.
“Optimum animal health is a welfare issue, but it is also the key to

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