Dutch feed mill invests in innovative milling concept

24-02-2009 | |
Dutch feed mill invests in innovative milling concept

Together with Dinnissen Process Technology Dutch cooperative feed miller Vitelia is investing in a whole new concept of milling its raw materials.

The concept is called Magi-mill and concentrates on the grinding of raw materials to the most optimal structure and particle size for further processing.
This further processing is part of the Magi-con feed production system, of which Vitelia has already installed two processing lines. With this system a farmer can have the animal feed manufactured to his liking and optimised to the best possible performance of his animals.
With Magi-mill Vitelia offers its customers optimal extruded feed for animals in all different stages of life.
Additionally the concept makes it possible to use raw materials that normally cannot be processed in a traditional grinding system.
Eric Michels of Vitelia (right on picture) explains: “In our plant in Oirlo we are finalising the building of the new Magi-mill. The concept was developed in cooperation with our partner Dinnissen Process Technology and building will be ready by the end of this month.
“It is a unique production line that will be used for the first time. We can grind raw materials individually to their most optimum structure.
“After grinding the raw materials can be processed to improve digestibility by using technologies such as conditioning, expanding and/or vacuum coating. The combination of grinding structures and processing steps is dependent on the customer, type of raw material, animal species and age and phase in life of the animal.”
For example, when making feed for piglets, digestibility is a major topic in avoiding detrimental effects on the intestinal flora, where manufacturing feeds for lactating sows the emphasis will be on the use and intake of nutritional compounds that increase milk production.
The Magi−Mill feed processing line is fully automated with special software designed by Imtech, which amongst others is focused on energy reduction.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed