Effect of distillers grain on beef quality

22-12-2006 | |
Effect of distillers grain on beef quality

Dr. Allen Trenkle of Iowa State University has summarized four ISU studies where cattle were fed up to 40% distillers grains. There was some reduction in marbling at these high levels, but the net value of the carcasses in a typical grid market did not differ greatly.

Taste panel analysis of tenderness, juiciness and flavor was
not changed. Interestingly, corn gluten feed did not change marbling scores when fed
up to 90% of the ration. Perhaps the fat content of the distillers
grains may be the reason of the change in marbling.

Another recent
analysis indicated a decline in marbling with distillers grains feeding but not
until the level reached approximately 50% of the ration dry matter. No effect on
marbling was found when studies where wet distillers grains were

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