Europe considers using meat and bone meal again

25-02-2011 | |

The European Commission said to issue a new plan regarding the re-introduction of meat and bone meal in animal feed. This was stated this week at a meeting for European Agriculture Ministers in Brussels.

The use of meat and bone meal in livestock diets was banned late 90s, due to its risk of spreading BSE. Since then, the prevalence of the disease has been significantly reduced.
The European Commission responds to a call by the Agriculture Minister in Poland. Last week, he suggested reconsidering the use of meat and bone meal in the European Union.
In the second half of 2011, Poland will be chairing country for the European Union.
Animal feed companies applaud the idea of re-introducing meat and bone meal in animal diets. The raw material is protein rich and can replace the use of soy to a great extent.
This means that the animal feed sector is less dependent on soy imports, a business that is questionable regarding its effect on the environment.
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed