Experts join forces for animal research

15-04-2008 | |

More than 600 scientists will soon unite with the aim of streamlining research into animal diseases.

The Easter Bush Research Consortium (EBRC) involves researchers from The
Roslin Institute, the University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Agricultural College
and the Moredun Research Institute.This will create one of the largest
concentrations of experts in animal life sciences in the world, says Professor
David Hume, director of The Roslin Institute.

Marking the EBRC’s launch
is a 2-day conference beginning in Edinburgh (7-8 April) where delegates
will be addressing a variety of issues, including the spread of diseases and how
to meet the increasing demand for livestock while minimising its environmental

Research within the EBRC will focus on effective disease control
and treatment, food safety, animal welfare and sustainable management of
livestock. A major focus will be on the role that genes play in animal health.
“It is great to see Scottish scientists working together through this consortium
to play a leading role in understanding the ways in which these diseases work.
This is an important step forward for animal health and welfare research,” said
Maggie Gill, the Scottish Government’s chief scientific adviser for rural
affairs and the environment.

“The UK is already rightly seen as a
location of choice for world class research in the global market. The EBRC will
offer us an additional competitive edge,” said UK science minister Ian

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