Extended rotary for high level bin detection

20-09-2010 | |
Extended rotary for high level bin detection

BinMaster Level Controls has introduced a series of extended rotaries for top-of-bin mounting when the rotary is used as a high level alarm.

These vertically extended rotaries are desirable as solid material will tend to be higher at the filling point and operators want to prevent filling the bin to the very top and allow for a specified amount of headroom in the bin.
For top-of-bin applications, Bin-Master custom manufactures extended rotaries to the length requested by the customer, offering custom lengths up to 144 inches.
“BinMaster builds a better rotary because we listen to our customers,” stated Todd Peterson, BinMaster’s vice president of sales.
“The vertically extended rotary was developed for customers who wanted a specific amount of headroom and to stop filling when material reached that level.
“Since we manufacture here in Nebraska and have in-house custom CNC machining on site, we can offer more flexibility when customers come to us with specific requirements.”
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