FDA plans to open China office in May

16-04-2008 | |

U.S. food and drug regulators will start working in China next month once Beijing gives its final approval, the top U.S. health official said Tuesday.

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said
the Food and Drug Administration is planning to open an office in China as part
of a change in strategy following product safety problems in Chinese imports
that prompted several health scares and have been linked to some deaths. U.S.
regulators have recalled a number of contaminated products made in China: toothpaste, pet
, the blood thinner heparin and others. “Our purpose is not just inspection, it is
building capacity and maintaining relationships between regulators,” Leavitt

More offices
Leavitt said the U.S expects to
build a presence in a number of other countries, including India and those of
the Central American region. He said the safety of food and product imports is
“a global problem” driven by a rapid increase in goods being produced and
consumed across borders.

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