February feed update: What did you miss?

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Weekly update on Feed Businesss. Photo: Shutterstock
Weekly update on Feed Businesss. Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments from February to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the global animal feed industry.

Wenger Manufacturing plans expansion of innovation and development centre

Wenger Manufacturing has begun work on a US$13 million renovation project to expand and modernise the Wenger Technical Center in Kansas, USA.

The facility is dedicated to extrusion process systems for food, feed and industrial applications and houses full-scale extruders, dryers and ancillary components. The Wenger Technical Center will remain operational throughout the year-long renovation project.

Reinartz expands into insect proteins

Reinartz has announced that while being a separation process specialist for seeds/oils is their core business, the company is expanding in the field of insect proteins and biomass internationally, and that by 2030, a large part of the company’s total investment is to flow into innovative solutions for raw materials.

Deltavit joins French Fab

Deltavit, a subsidiary of the CCPA Group, which specialises in animal nutrition and health, has decided to fly the colours of French Fab. Launched by the French Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance in 2017 and coordinated by Bpifrance, the French Fab label aims to showcase and accelerate the development of French industry on the international stage. The French Fab trademark is granted to companies firmly established on French territory which are open to the changes wrought by the digital revolution, the new technologies and the green economy.

Deltavit’s development laboratory where teams prototype new product solutions. Photo: Deltavit

Deltavit’s development laboratory where teams prototype new product solutions. Photo: Deltavit

Based in Brittany, Deltavit designs, develops and markets specialist product ranges for livestock through a network of distributors in France and overseas, as well as various livestock diagnostics techniques used to assess the condition of livestock and its needs. The firm possesses a development laboratory in which teams prototype future solutions in livestock specialities and other feed supplements intended for ruminants, poultry and pigs.

Pancosma reduces methane emissions through bioactive products

In a drive towards sustainable solutions, Pancosma, ADM’s feed additives business, has developed a range of Xtract bioactive products to address livestock ruminants methane emissions. Xtract Dairy, composed of elements derived from cinnamon and cloves, and Xtract Ruminant, made of up similar compounds in addition to capsicum oleoresin from chili peppers, can limit the release of a critical greenhouse gas, methane.

Pancosma’s range is based on the numerous beneficial properties from plant extracts. Photo: Pancosma

Pancosma’s range is based on the numerous beneficial properties from plant extracts. Photo: Pancosma

Lely presents Smart Feeding tour

Lely is travelling through Europe with its Smart Feeding Truck to host 48 Smart Feeding events to inform customers in an interactive way about the optimal feeding strategy for animals. This comes after the company completed successful events in Switzerland and Germany.

  • Photos: Lely

    Photos: Lely

  • February feed update: What did you miss?

Efficient feeding has a positive effect on cow health and milk production. Mixing the right portions in the right quantities and releasing them at exactly the right time requires knowledge, understanding and time, says Lely. “Our automatic feed products take on this task and are extremely efficient. This saves you time and always provides the right feed at the right time,” according to the company.

EW Nutrition launches enzyme in India

EW Nutrition has launched Axxess XY, an intrinsically thermostable xylanase enzyme that delivers top performance to feed producers and the livestock industry. The product was launched across 5 locations in India. The company says that the top benefit is a flexibility in feed formulation, resulting in significant feed cost savings.

Auchan Retail France strengthens commitment to sustainable aquaculture

Following the launch of insect-fed trout in 2018 in Auchan supermarkets in the north of France, the retail group continues to innovate with its sustainable trout. Auchan sustainable trout’s feed is further enriched with micro-algae and cleared from fishmeal or fish oil stemming from industrial fishing. The company hopes that through this new initiative it can demonstrate that alternative solutions to industrial fishing do exist.

Developed in partnership with insect producer InnovaFeed, feed formulator Skretting and fish farmer Truite Service, these “insect-fed” trout are farmed in France. In their feed, 50% of fishmeal is replaced by insect protein. A year later, the company says that consumers have embraced the “insect-fed” trout and that in 2019, 11 tonnes of forage fish were saved thanks to the insect-fed trout.

In 2020, Auchan launches a trout rich in omega-3 that the company says preserves our marine resources.

Victam International and VIV Europe in 2022

VIV worldwide and Victam Corporation will organise Victam International and VIV Europe together at the Jaarbeurs exhibition grounds in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 31 May until 2 June 2022. The Victam International exhibition will move back from Cologne, Germany, to its home country where it all started in 1965 in Utrecht. The set-up is different from the set-up in Asia as VIV Europe and Victam International will be co-located but in their own halls. Victam International will be held every 3 years.

Biomin receives EU zootechnical authorisation of Digestarom DC Duplex

Animal nutrition firm Biomin has achieved EU authorisation for the Digestarom DC Duplex capsule in its next-generation phytogenic feed additive, Digestarom DC Xcel, as a zootechnical feed additive in weaned piglets. Such phytogenic feed additives contain substances found in herbs and essential oils that improve swine feed digestibility, reduce inflammation and promote growth, according to Dr Antonia Tacconi from Biomin.

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