Feed orientated study tour around Victam 2011

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Tebodin CCE Deventer is organiseing a study tour around the Victam on Monday May 2/ Tuesday May 3 which starts from and ends in Cologne (Germany).

During this event two plants in the Netherlands will be visited. The focus of the visits will be on observation of the storage and production facilities and on mutual share of experience, opinions and visions in the grain- and animal feed market.
During this one-day-trip the first visit will be the complete new 10,000 tonnes storage and transshipment terminal of Bracofeed Storage BV a subsidiary of Cooperation Boerenbond Deurne in Oss (NL).
The company – which owns three feedmills with a yearly capacity of 600,000 tonnes – has realised the following facilities in Oss:
 – Storage and handling of raw materials, to deep water (including ship loading   facilities.)
-Storage of a total of 10,000 tonnes of commodities in large silos. Planning of a further 10,000 tonnes of raw materials in flat storage (phase II, mid 2011). Efficient transport of high value products to compound feed factories.
The investment of this first phase project was nearly 10 million Euros. The next step on this site is the construction of a flat storage. Tebodin CCE was the consultant and engineer of this storage project.
The second visit will be paid to the traditional feed mill of Coöperatie Vitelia U.A. in Oirlo (NL) This is one of the two feed mills of this company with a production of 250,000 tonnes/year.
In this feed mill – which was built in the year 1983 and completely renovated in 2008 – recently a new innovative pelleting process has been implemented.
The pelleting process includes beside the expander, hygienizer and pellet press, a vacuum coating system in order to be able spraying high amount of oil or fat together with the micro ingredients. The pelleting process guarantees high flexibility and high performance in the field of product quality and efficiency.
A new milling process in the second feed mill of Vitelia ensures high flexibility in structure and particle size by means of an efficient combination of roller mill and hammer mill
Tebodin CCE is now involved for the consultancy and engineering of a new feed mill for Vitelia on the bank of the river Maas.
After these two stops a visit there will be to the ancient city Maastricht (NL), for a dinner. During this day there is sufficient opportunity to share opinions and experience related to the feed market.
The contribution for this event is EUR 100 p.p. This includes travelling by touring car, lunch, dinner and drinks.
Summarised Program:
07.30 h:                  start of the tour in Cologne
09.30 – 11.30 h:      visit to Bracofeed in Oss
11.30 – 13.00 h:      lunch
14.30 – 16.30 h:      visit to Vitelia in Oirlo
18.00 – 21.30 h:      visit and dinner in Maastricht
22.30 h:                  arrival in Cologne
To take part in the event, please register before 4 April  by return e-mail or phone. Indicate if you prefer to join on 2nd or 3rd May.
The event will take place on the date with the most registrations.
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