Feed production in EU declined in 2008

18-02-2009 | |

Animal feed production in the European Union has fallen by around one percent in 2008 compared to 2007, according to preliminary figures from German statistical bureau ZMP. Production of cattle feed saw an increase compared to 2007.

Compound feed production in the EU-27 in 2007 turned out to a relatively high volume of 151 million tonnes.
For 2008 a one percent decrease compared to 2007 is estimated, but the total volume still remains higher than previous years.
Volumes for monogastrics saw a decrease (pig feed -2.1% and poultry feed +0.7%), and feed for ruminants increased by 1.5%.
France leads
The largest compound feed producer in the EU is France with a relative share of the market of 15%, followed by Germany (14%) and the United Kingdom (9%).
In percentages feed production in Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia decreased the most. Portugal, UK, the Netherlands and Italy were able to keep production on the 2007 level. France increased production considerably.
More than 50% cereals
Even with the high prices in 2008 cereals were the main ingredients in European feeds with more than 50% share. From this volume and estimated 80 millin tonnes were used in compound feed.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed