Fefana established three new consortia

08-04-2008 | |
Fefana established three new consortia

The European Feed Additives and Premixtures Association (FEFANA) has recently established three new consortia in order to support the industry efforts in obtaining EU authorisation for existing additives under the Feed Additives legislation 1831/2003. These new consortia concern acids, silage additives and trace elements.

These three consortia are focusing on two
technological additives categories: acids and their salts (ACIAC EEIG) (covering
both preservative and silage function) and silage additives (enzymes and
micro-organisms) (SILAC EEIG), and one nutritional additive category: the trace
elements (TREAC EEIG).

The fact that a consortium is established does
not mean that it will automatically take care of all the additives pertaining to
it. Each grouping has defined objective criteria in order to bring (or not)
specific additives under the scope of work of the grouping, based upon the
interest and commitment of its members. Consortia are open to non-FEFANA

As with the other consortia that were previously established,
the working list of these new groups (i.e. the precise list of additives on
which it is working) are open for a while in order to adapt to the need of new
members. One has however to realize that all the established groups are actively
working, and that it shall become increasingly difficult to integrate newcomers
as the work progresses. 

A very helpful Questions and Answers
document as well as outlines of the terms for the set up of the additives
working list for each new established consortium are also available via the website



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