Fefana launches new feed hygiene ingredient consortium

08-08-2011 | |
Fefana launches new feed hygiene ingredient consortium

The EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (Fefana) has launched a new consortium: Hyfac EEIG. It will be focusing on a new range of feed additives which favourably affect the hygiene of the feed chain by acting on the feed.

The aim of this new consortium is to secure, through coordinated applications dossiers, the authorisation on the EU market of an important range of new products able to contribute to the reduction of the impact of microbiological contamination through the feed chain.
The initiative to establish Hyfac follows technological developments in the specialty ingredient industry along with a perceived demand for such kind of products both on the side of the users and of the authorities, which are faced with the challenge to manage contamination of the feed chain with microbiological pathogens.
New functional group
While there is so far no regulatory home for feed additives with such functionality, the intention of the grouping is to strive, through the submission of application dossiers, for the establishment of a new feed additive functional group.
The feed additives to be defended by Hyfac EEIG will focus on substances aiming at reducing the prevalence of pathogenic and zoonotic agents in/on feed materials and compound feeds.
“Our industry wanted to responsibly move towards a secure level playing field, creating transparency and trust with such products that influence the safety of the feed chain and avoiding unclear regulatory situation and/or uncertainty about the products that are placed on the market,” Fefana said in a press release.
Work procedures
The scope of the work of this consortium shall be limited to a list of specific additives upon which the grouping members have agreed to work in common.
The selection process to include additives in this list is ruled by a contract on the basis of set criteria which are detailed in the grouping’s code of internal rules.
The list of specific additives on which the grouping is going to work will remain confidential to all Hyfac members, but are expected to meet users’ and authorities’ expectations.
Market access
Furthermore, the work of the consortium is mainly expected to open a new path, which will then be available for any producer to engage in order to obtain access to the EU market for additional products.
One of the important added values of this cooperative initiative is to establish necessary tools for helping members of the consortium to prepare their dossiers in a consistent and coordinated way, particularly on areas that are new compared to the requirements set by the established guidelines for dossier preparation.
Hygiene task force
Parallel to the activities of this new consortium, Fefana also has a Task Force dedicated to the hygiene of the feed chain.
This Task Force aims to coordinate activities of the consortium with other activities dedicated to the development of additives aiming at reducing the prevalence and shedding of pathogenic and zoonotic agents.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed