First issue 2018 now available to read online

19-02-2018 | |
First issue 2018 now available to read online
First issue 2018 now available to read online

Issue 1 of the new year has been published online. In this issue if All About Feed we delve into the crude protein story, visited a Vietnamese feed mill and talked about precision nutrition with Laura Star.

Crude protein: misleading?

Originally, an amino acid profile was assumed leading to the factor of 6.25 (16% N); a factor that is in fact variable, of course, and that depends on the amino acid profile and on the size of the NPN fraction. In the real world of animal nutrition, we rarely see feeds that correspond to a factor of 6.25, which, of course, merely represents a weighted average of the feed ingredients. We may conclude, as a result, that the term “crude protein” is rather misleading. The authors of the article therefore say that crude protein does not provide any indication whatsoever of the nutritional value of a protein, making it utterly unsuitable for use as a nutrient. The nutritional value of a protein instead depends on the combination of amino acids it contains.

Students to learn about precision nutrition

Optimising animal nutrition, with attention for both animal health and the environment, is the main focus of the new research unit (lectureship) ‘precision feeding and sustainable poultry production’. This imitative has been set up by agricultural college Aeres Hogeschool Dronten and Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands and came into effect last September. Laura Star has been appointed as lecturer and will contribute to the content and development of education, research and knowledge transfer in the field of precision feeding. All About Feed talked to her about this exciting new development.

"Nutrient requirements are constantly changing." Photo: Ton Kastermans

“Nutrient requirements are constantly changing.” Photo: Ton Kastermans

Rico feed: Ambitious mill in Vietnam

A feed company from Vietnamese origin is Rico Feed, a young, rapidly growing feed producing firm that was established in 2013. Only recently, it completed building its 3rd – and largest – feed mill. Previously, the company had already established feed mills in Hau Giang and in Tay Ninh provinces, both also in southern Vietnam. Rico Feed, indicating that its prices are slightly higher than average in the market, aims to deliver quality feed. It is the first to acknowledge that despite its quick growth, it is a relatively small player in the Vietnamese feed market, which in total had a demand of 27.5 million metric tonnes in 2017. All About Feed had a look inside. Read the full article in the digital magazine.

Rico Feed is a young, rapidly growing feed comapny, established in 2013. Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Rico Feed is a young, rapidly growing feed comapny, established in 2013. Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Also in this issue:

• Interview with Prof Dr Josef Kamphues

• Preserving margins by optimising layer feed

• Moulds and their effect on animal health and performance

• Interview with Zetadec feed consultants

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