FMS feed software now available worldwide

23-09-2008 | |

Feed Management Systems™ (FMS), developer of software solutions for the worldwide commercial feed manufacturing industry, announced that Brill Formulation™ Version 2.0 will be available October 1, 2008 to customers located in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The global feed nutrition and multi-blend software tool manages the
nutrients, ingredients, cost and feed formulas and is the most complete tool for
obtaining the least-cost solution. With 50+ enhancements, users can gain even
more efficiency by leveraging features such as SmartList reporting, increased
optimization, the ability to run parametrics on ingredient value nutrients,
rapid analysis of changes for purchasing decisions, and more.

We are
proud to demonstrate our customer commitments with the release of Brill
Formulation Version 2.0.  The enhancements delivered in this release are
provided to help companies improve the efficiency and responsiveness with their
ability to optimize and make on-demand ingredient purchasing

“This release represents the largest development
investment and effort in the history of this product line. Our planning process
started over two years ago and consisted of reviewing customer suggestions,
input from customer advisory meetings and extensive research on optimization
technology,” stated Duey Yliniemi, Head of Development for FMS. “Thousands of
hours have been put in to ensure the quality of this release. As a result of our
beta program and our own regression testing, we are able to ensure the quality
of the solution we release to customers.”


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