FMS introduces new app for Windows 8

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FMS introduces new app for Windows 8

Feed Management Systems introduces the Brill app for windows, continuing strategy to deliver information anytime, anywhere and enabling fast, easy access to formulation data across windows devices.

Responding to the growing need for anytime, anywhere access to critical data within the animal feed and nutrition industry, Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) said today that it will introduce a new Windows 8 app for its award-winning Brill Formulation.  The app is now available directly from FMS via side-loading, and will be available soon in the Windows Store.

The Brill App for Windows 8 will deliver a subset of the functionality that is currently available in the full version of Brill Formulation plus the added speed, multi-device access and touch-screen capabilities that are signature features of Windows 8. Users of The Brill App for Windows 8 can access their Brill Formulation data from Windows 8 and Windows RT-based tablets or PCs. The added benefit for users of Windows 8 is the ability to access the full functionality of Brill Formulation.

“A majority of our customers are Windows-based operations,” said Duey Yliniemi, vice president of development and product strategy at FMS. “With The Brill App for Windows 8, they can receive and respond to notifications, view and compare formulas by plant location and view prices, regardless of whether they are working on a Windows-based tablet or PC. Feed producers want the ability to access critical information anywhere, anytime and on multiple devices because it helps them be more productive. This is how people work today and we are very tuned-in to these needs,” Yliniemi explained.

In its annual Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends Survey , Forrester Research found high demand for Windows-based tablets in the workplace, outpacing Apple iPad by 10%. And a recent study by Agriculture.com reported that technologies that enable anytime, anywhere access to information are nearing the tipping point in agriculture-related industries, with 97% of respondents saying they use a portable device and 48% confirming that they use work-related applications.

Based on FMS’s ongoing market research and customer dialogue, the company said it is prioritizing its strategy of delivering information anytime and anywhere a customer needs it. Today’s feed manufacturers often have far-flung operations that require portability and broad access to critical data wherever and whenever it’s required. To support these and other productivity needs of animal feed and nutrition enterprises, FMS continues to collaborate with Microsoft Corp. on new applications, including those based on Windows 8 and the Windows Azure cloud platform.

Brill formulation, a Feed Management Systems brand, is the leading formulation solution in the world. It is sold globally through a network of FMS resellers. To learn more about Brill Mobile for Windows 8, visit: feedsys.com

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