ForFarmers calculated 66 jobs lost in 2012

22-06-2012 | |

Since the takeover of Hendrix by ForFarmers in The Netherlands the integration plan foresaw the loss of 160 jobs. In 2012 some 66 full time jobs will become redundant.

Hendrix since early April 2012 is part of the ForFarmers Group. The major merger concern is the Dutch animal nutrition business.
In recent months staff of both Hendrix and ForFarmers has been working together to achieve integration plans each for their specific part. These integration plans were then implemented into a master integration plan.
An important aspect of integration is a new organizational structure and associated staffing. To mitigate the effects for the employees a social plan has been worked out and was signed today by Workers Unions FNV and CNV.
Within the need for a phased reduction of jobs over 2012, 2013 and 2014, the reduction for this year has been calculated to 66 fulltime jobs.
By steering on work to work on solutions for affected employees, the number of forced lay-offs could be limited to less than

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed