ForFarmers further expands in Germany

09-07-2007 | |

Dutch feed cooperative ForFarmers has taken over another feed manufacturer in Germany. It is the second takeover in its neighbouring country within a year.

ForFarmers, the largest cooperative feed compounder in the Netherlands has
bought 87.5% of the shares of Brandenburgisch-Mecklenburgische Geflügelnarhrung
(BMG) in Rapshagen in the northeast of Germany.

The feedmill in Rapshagen
is a new plant, which was built in 2006 and started production recently. With a
current volume of 70,000 tonnes and a maximum capacity of 150,000 tonnes there
is plenty room for growth, ForFarmers expects. BMG employs 16 people.

remaining 12.5% of the shares of the German feedmill stay with the
Erzeugergemeinschaft Mecklenburgische Geflügel (EMG), which is a cooperation of
several broiler farmers in Rapshagen.


Already in September 2006 ForFarmers spread its wings to
Germany when BELA Muhle was acquired. The new acquisition fits
within the Dutch cooperative’s strategy to further grow in Northwestern

The broiler farmers of EMG now also have the opportunity to
supply their birds to the processing plant of Plukon in Storkow, close to
Berlin. Plukon is a long time partner of ForFarmers.

ForFarmers, with its
HQ in Lochem, The Netherlands sells animal feed in the Netherlands, Germany,
Belgium and Denmark. The company employs around 600 people. Turnover in 2006 was
€500 million and 2.3 million tonnes of feed were sold.

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