ForFarmers presents excellent 2007 figures

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ForFarmers presents excellent 2007 figures

2007 was an excellent year for Dutch animal feed cooperation ForFarmers . The sales of compound feed increased with 800,000 tonnes to 2.3 million tonnes.

This increase contains of 20% autonomous growth and
80% by acquisitions. The turnover of the company increased with 77%, from €331
million to €586 million.

The reason that the company’s feed sales increased
with over 50% is mainly the results of the acquisition of BELA in Germany (2006)
and BMG (2007)

. The company also saw an autonomous growth of existing customers
in the Netherlands and Germany.

About the company
ForFarmers is active in North West Europe. Its main
activities include the sales of animal feed and agricultural products. The
conmpany employs 600 people.

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Profit ForFarmers €41.2 million in 2006 

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