Foss webinar on fat analysis and ISO 11085

12-05-2010 | |

FOSS is to hold an educational webinar on fat and the numerous analytical methods for the determination of fat, including things to consider regarding the new standard method: EN ISO 11085.

The webinar will be held by the ISO 11085 project leader, Dr. Möller of FOSS. Dr. Möller is also a member of several international standardisation committees.

In addition to a detailed discussion of the ISO standard, an overview over different methods for the determination of fat in different types of samples will be given. The free, 30 minute webinar will be held on June 10th at 9.00 Central European Time (CET) with a repeat session at 16.00 CET. There will be time for questions following the presentation. More information is available from the FOSS webinar page.

The ISO standard – progress
The ISO 11085 standard reflects progress made within fat and total fat analysis and has now replaced the ISO 7302 standard which was more cumbersome to apply. It was developed on the basis of the FOSS Soxtec system and an associated application note has also been approved as a European standard. The ISO 11085:2008 “Cereals, cereal based products and animal feeding stuffs – Determination of crude fat and total fat content by the Randall extraction method” was approved by the CEN member states in July 09.
The standard has positive implications for trade. A common standard for crude and total fat can now be used for labeling purposes for cereals (food & feed), cereal based products and animal feedstuffs. The standard has the potential for worldwide recognition pending an ongoing review by the AOAC. 
SoxCap validation study
A report on a validation study for the FOSS SoxCap™ system is available on the FOSS website.
The report gives details about how the FOSS SoxCap system was validated against the ISO 11085 standard by an international inter-laboratory test running the same samples simultaneously with the ISO 11085 validation study.

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