Friday Feed Update: Mergers and new products

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Friday Feed Update: Mergers and new products. Photo: Shutterstock
Friday Feed Update: Mergers and new products. Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t miss a thing in the dynamic global animal feed sector. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry.

Kerry and Agrivida enter strategic partnership

Kerry Animal Health & Nutrition and Agrivida have entered into a new strategic partnership providing Kerry with rights to promote Agrivida’s Grainzyme® Phytase technology for poultry use for the US market. This partnership brings together 2 important companies in the animal feed market. Kerry’s AlphaGal™ is the US market leader for Non-Starch Polysaccharide enzymes used in poultry feed.

Porphyrio acquired by Evonik Industries

On 31th October Evonik Industries, headquartered in Essen (Germany), completed the acquisition of Porphyrio NV. Porphyrio NV, a provider of cloud based intelligent data management software for the poultry industry, will remain a separate company within the Evonik Animal nutrition Business. The ownership of Evonik will bring significant benefits to Porphyrio’s customers with access to a much wider range of specialist products and services, including data- and knowledge-based recommendations for feed composition and sustainable diets in animal farming.

Custom Dairy Performance partners with King Techina

Custom Dairy Performance of Versailles, KY and King Techina Feed Co., Ltd. of Hangzhou, China, have partnered to form KTG North America, a provider of innovative coated feed products for targeted nutrient delivery in ruminants, poultry, swine and aquaculture. 3 KTG North America formulations for dairy cattle will be available in early 2019: IM-LYSR™ (rumen-protected lysine), IM-MET™ (rumen-protected methionine) and IM-CHOL™ (rumen-protected choline chloride).

MPE announces its In-Line Puck Knocker

MPE, manufacturer of particle reduction equipment, announces its In-Line Puck Knocker for reducing product carryover in its tubular drag conveyor systems. Its design is unapologetically simple, effective, and makes for easy installation. The In-Line Puck Knocker is entirely stainless steel; installing on the intake side of any system drive turnaround. Each puck gently glides along the Knocker’s triangular ramp until it releases into suspension. The controlled agitation causes any residual product to fall off the chain and pucks and produces a subtle knocking sound – hence the name. In lab testing, the In-Line Puck Knocker resulted in as much as 6 times less carryover. Installation can be done in a matter of minutes.

Alltech expands its base by opening manufacturing facility in Pune, India

Alltech officially opened its manufacturing plant in Pune, India, on Oct. 27, 2018, with a ceremony attended by more than 150 industry stakeholders. With a production capacity of 25,000 tons per year, it is the largest organic trace mineral plant in Asia. The Pune facility was designed to cater not only to the local market but also to South Asia and Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe. The plant spans a total area of 132,000 square feet and employs 50 full-time team members. The Pune facility features modern scientific technology and utilises advanced quality systems. Alltech India opened its office in 2001, with production operations in Bengaluru, India, beginning in 2004. Over the years, the company has grown 20-fold, serving poultry, dairy and aqua feed mills and farmers to improve their efficiency and profitability. Alltech intends to continue making investments within the region.

Perstorp to invest € 14+ million in Feed & Food

Perstorp is investing over € 14 million in the Feed and Food division to establish satellite production units in Asia and the Americas (to be closer to these markets and customers), to significantly increase manpower resources in R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, operations, marketing and sales. The company will also expand the plant in the Netherlands. Executive Vice president Roger Mann explains that investing in Feed & Food was a society driven decision. “Growing world population and increasing protein consumption require next generation solutions. Taking ownership of your health is a trend we see worldwide. People want to know what is on their plate, how their food is made, how the animals were treated and if they were raised antibiotic free. By investing in Feed & Food we want to contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.”

New edition of the reference book about methionine

Adisseo has enriched its Methiopedia, the reference guide on methionine forms, used in animal feeds. The book offers a complete description of the 3 forms of methionine: L-Methionine, DL-methionine and OH-Methionine with their characteristics and properties. It also compiles trial results on nutritional and technological aspects. Compared to the first edition, this new book is enriched with another 5 years of research, scientific review and increase knowledge in methionine. The book is intended for nutritionists, purchasers, formulators, quality and technical managers within the premix and feed industries, as well as students, who want to enhance their knowledge of methionine and its use. Adisseo customers can get a copy of this book by contacting their local sales representative.

Extru-Tech introduces self-adjusting die/knife cutter head

Dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and downtime are just 2 of the benefits of a new self-adjusting die/knife cutter system from Extru-Tech, Inc. Equally important, the new advanced feature cutter head can be used across the full spectrum of wear plates. According to Norm Schmitt, corporate sales manager for Extru-Tech, the new die/knife cutter system offers a cleaner cut than cast blade configurations due to a “precision” pressure pack and individually replaceable blades, which can be sharpened from 3 to 5 times. “Not only can they be re-sharpened, but the new blades have been reported to last from 2.5 to 10 times longer than cast blades. This translates into lower overall cost, particularly when you consider the automatic adjustment feature allows one cutter head system to be used on multiple dies. The cutter assembly is easily secured and automatically set parallel to the wear plate with just one bolt.”

Unibio and Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad sign product trial agreement

Unibio, producer of microbial protein out of natural gas, has entered into an agreement with Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad with the intent to conduct product trials of Uniprotein® for the Southeast Asian market. Subject to the outcome of the product trials, the parties may consider entering into a joint feasibility study to assess any potential future collaboration. “Unibio’s unique fermentation technology is based on converting natural gas into a highly concentrated protein product, Uniprotein®, by bacterial fermentation. Unibio is therefore excited about the product trial agreement and we look forward to seeing the result of the product trials,” says Unibio CEO Henrik Busch-Larsen.

BioMar expands R&D capabilities within shrimp

BioMar Group increases its shrimp research capabilities with the opening of its Aquaculture Technology Centre (ATC) in Ecuador. The new trial facility will be dedicated to the test of shrimp feed and it will service the development of shrimp diets and farming practises globally, being a part of the global ATC network in BioMar Group. The opening of the new shrimp research and development facilities is a significant step in BioMar’s strategic plans for the shrimp segment. In addition, BioMar is in the process of expanding production capacity in Ecuador. The country has for many years been acknowledged for the quality of the shrimp products and is taking lead participating in the development of efficient and sustainable shrimp farming.

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