Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the global animal feed industry.

New Hope Liuhe completes construction at its first pig farm in Vietnam

Chinese feed producer, New Hope Liuhe, the agribusiness subsidiary of New Hope Group, has completed construction of its first pig farm in Vietnam. The new farm will expand New Hope’s footprint in Southeast Asia on top of its existing 8 feed firms in Vietnam, which sold more than 700,000 tonnes of feed in 2018. New Hope says the Binh Phuoc pig farm will help it increase sales by 90,000 tonnes of pig feed every year in Vietnam.

The pig farm in Binh Phuoc province is expected to receive pigs in November and eventually have an inventory of 13,500 sows. It will come online at a time when Vietnam has seen significantly reduced pork supplies.

AB Vista shares latest insights on NIR technology

AB Vista recently held the “NIR Academy” seminar in Manila, Philippines, to share the latest developments in NIR technology on feed and raw material application.

Chris Piotrowski, director at Aunir, a division of AB Vista, shared his perspective on the “Future of NIR”. Dr Natchanok Amornthewaphat presented on “In-Feed Mixability Quality Control and the use of NIR”, providing practical examples to demonstrate the importance of feed uniformity, how it will affect the growth of the animals and how can NIR help in determining mixability.

Dr Jae Cheol Kim presented, “Variability of SBM Quality & Effective Quality Control through NIR” and explained the importance of understanding urease activity and reactive lysine in soybean meal, and Alejandro Criado discussed sample identification with NIR and provided insights into how NIR can identify unknown substances and detect spectral differences.

Bühler expands insect portfolio by mealworms

Bühler has developed a string of technologies and capabilities to offer total rearing and processing solutions for the insect industry. “Our proposition to the market is to support the industry through solutions that produce and process a range of insect species,” says Andreas Aepli, CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. The first industrial black soldier fly plant opened in June and Bühler is now in the execution of a new facility for a second species, the yellow mealworm.

Bühler will support the project and design, installation and commissioning of a complete mealworm production facility in a 2,300 sqm facility.

The yellow mealworm offers interesting market opportunities in predominantly food applications. They have great nutritional value which includes proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres.

CP Foods India enters IFFO RS IP for fishmeal

CPF (India), a subsidiary of CP Foods PCL, is ready to enter into IFFO RS Improver Program (IFFO RS IP). This will be the first company in India to apply fishmeal sourcing and manufacturing in line with international sustainable standard.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist