Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?
Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

Don’t miss a thing in the dynamic global animal feed sector. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates, events, courses and new product launches from the global feed industry.

Poultry World and Pig Progress seminars at VIV Asia

The global multimedia brands Poultry World and Pig Progress will organise seminars at the upcoming VIV Asia. On Thursday March 14, Poultry World will organise a Poultry Health event with speakers from Kasetsart University, Dupont and Delacon. Pig Progress will organise 2 seminars: On March 13, the Pig Health & Nutrition seminar will touch on the latest insights in healthy and sustainable pig production. Speakers come from Kasetsart University, Dupont and Delacon. In the afternoon of March 1, Pig Progress hosts the Advanced Pig Farming seminar with speakers from Henke Sass amongst others. Entrance is free, pre-register now for one or more of the events.

KnipBio gets GRAS certification for aquafeed ingredient

KnipBio Inc. has received Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine for its KnipBio Meal (KBM) aquafeed ingredient for salmonids and other finfish species. The designation was achieved after an extensive review of feed trial results by an independent panel of subject matter experts who determined KBM to be safe as a feed ingredient for finfish. KnipBio Meal is the first premium single cell protein to achieve a GRAS designation for aquafeed from the US government.

Poultry Africa returns to Rwanda

The 2nd edition of Poultry Africa will take place from October 2-3, 2019 at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda’s capital city. The expo focuses on the poultry meat and egg sectors of countries in sub-Saharan Africa and is a concept from the organisers of the renowned VIV feed-to-food shows around the world. Its core objective is to present high-quality networking and trade opportunities, hassle-free, at minimum costs for suppliers and buyers. According to Poultry Africa manager Diána Tóth, the version lined up for October 2019 looks likely to be bigger than before. It is on course to achieve a 30% growth in exhibitor numbers compared with 2017. As before, the event includes an expo and a Leadership Conference.

Schothorst Feed Research announces 9th edition Feeds and Nutrition course

In 2019, Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) will organise the Feeds & Nutrition course for the 9th time and will be held 3-7 June 2019 in Zaandam, near Amsterdam. The goal of the Feeds & Nutrition course is to share scientific knowledge in such a way that the participant can implement this knowledge in daily work. To achieve this, 16 different modules are offered from which the participants can compose their own programme. Besides the species specific modules (basic principles, nutrient evaluation, applied nutrition and feed formulation for poultry, swine and ruminants) also species transcending topics are offered (feedstuffs, feed quality, feed processing, mycotoxins). All modules are given by researchers and consultants from SFR, together with experts from the field. The course is designed for nutritionists, purchasing managers, product managers and quality assurance managers of feed and feed additive producers or others involved in the feed and allied industry. The modules will be held over the course of one week and will be given in English. Registration is required before May 10, 2019.

Phileo launches new generation multi-species bacteria probiotic in poultry

At the recent IPPE, Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care launched Microsaf®, a multi-species bacteria probiotic. The new probiotic is based on a unique combination of three proprietary strains from 3 Bacillus species, carefully chosen to produce improvements in feed efficiency, alongside their potential to inhibit major poultry pathogens, including Clostridium perfringens. According to the results of a battery of pre-launch trials, carried out in North America and Europe, the product is capable of delivering increased levels of feed intake, improved FCR, higher daily growth rates and better all-round growth performance. Compared in trials with 2 other Bacillus-based products, the product from Phileo achieved significantly higher levels of feed intake, significantly improved FCR and the best return on investment (ROI).

Biorigin Europe gets GMP+ certification

The Brazilian company Biorigin has achieved the GMP+ B3 – Trade, collection and storage & transshipment certification for its European unit, ensuring the chain certification of its products for health and animal nutrition. At the end of January, Biorigin Europe was certified for GMP+ B3 – Trade, collection and storage & transshipment certification. With this achievement, all Biorigin units (GMP+ B2 Production and GMP+ B3 Trade) are now certified in the GMP+ standards. GMP+ Feed standards harmonize the feed requirements. GMP refers to Good Manufacturing Practices and the + refers to integration with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), ensuring quality and safety throughout the animal feed chain.

ADM completes acquisition of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd

On January 17, ADM announced its plans to acquire the remaining 50% stake of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd. On February 20, ADM successful completed its acquisition of the remaining 50 percent stake of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd, including wholly owned subsidiary Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd. In the coming weeks, ADM will merge Gleadell with ADM Arkady, ADM’s UK destination marketing business, and ADM Direct UK, ADM’s specialist combinable crop origination business, to create ADM Agriculture Ltd. This investment will further increase customer service and processing capabilities, widen existing UK footprint and strengthen ADM’s presence nationwide – positioning ADM as the trading partner of choice for even more farmers and customers.

Wilbur-Ellis Feed becomes Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition

Wilbur-Ellis Feed, LLC, an industry leader in the international marketing and distribution of nutrients for the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries, today introduced its rebranded name: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition. “Our new name helps reflect how much we truly offer in terms of products, service, advice and partnership,” said Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition President Andrew Loder. “We want the world to understand that Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition is here to provide so much more than what feed would suggest. What truly sets us apart is our ability to work closely with suppliers and customers in connecting the dots and find new, innovative ways to ensure animals are receiving the best nutrients needed to thrive. This name change is fully aligned with our Empower2021 growth strategy and our vision to be the innovative leader in the marketing and distribution of animal nutrients.” In addition to the new name, the division also launched a new website with an updated look and feel.

Record number of startups apply for The Pearse Lyons Accelerator

After a record-breaking 251 startups from 53 countries applied to be part of The Pearse Lyons Accelerator, the class of 2019 has been selected to work with Alltech and Dogpatch Labs to accelerate their business development. This year’s applicants have already raised over $ 143 million, with 135 start-ups disclosing funding. Now in its 3rd year, The Pearse Lyons Accelerator was the brainchild of the late Dr Pearse Lyons, who founded Alltech, an animal nutrition company, in the early 1980s in his garage with just $ 10,000. The participants, which hail from Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, will also have the opportunity to present on the mainstage at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Now in its 35th year, the annual international conference will be held in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 19–21 and will welcome more than 4,000 agriculture industry leaders from over 70 countries.

Hendrix Genetics and Nutreco partner on shrimp solutions in Ecuador

Hendrix Genetics, in partnership with Nutreco and Ecuacultivos, will invest in Ecuador to establish a state-of-the-art shrimp hatchery. The hatchery will deliver high quality, high health Pacific whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) post larvae to Ecuadorian farmers. The new joint venture will take over the existing Macrobio hatchery and will focus on providing local shrimp production with the most advanced genetics and breeding technologies, nutritional solutions from the world leader in aquaculture feed supply, Skretting, combined with the best farming practices. Hendrix Genetics, Nutreco (with aquaculture division Skretting), and Ecuacultivos will invest capital in upgrading the Macrobio hatchery to a state-of-the-art production facility and developing a world-class shrimp breeding program locally. Backed up with global leading innovation and R&D and expertise in nutrition and genetics, the joint venture aims to increase the competitiveness of the Ecuadorian shrimp industry in a sustainable manner. The hatchery is located in the western region of the country and currently employs around 50 people.

Brookside Agra introducs natural oral nutritional supplement for calves

Spring weather can be unpredictable. Snow and sleet one day can quickly change to 70 degrees the next. Spring calving can be equally unpredictable, and while some producers believe that cold and snowy weather yields larger spring calves, one way to ensure a healthy calf at birth and weaning is through proper nutrition, say the animal health experts at Brookside Agra. To give spring calves the nutritional boost they need during times of stress such as birth and weaning, Brookside Agra has developed natural oral nutritional supplement Calf-Rescue™. When given as directed, Calf-Rescue provides calves with select vitamins and a stabilised source of direct-fed microbials (probiotics) to maintain a healthy, natural appetite, digestion and immune system at a cost of about US$ 1.50 per calf.

AFIA opens registration for course: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has opened registration for its spring online feed manufacturing course, conducted in partnership with Kansas State University, April 15 – June 3. “This course is an excellent resource for anyone needing a broad base of knowledge about feed manufacturing,” said Gary Huddleston, AFIA’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs. “Over 500 people from around the world have taken advantage of this affordable and convenient course.” The 5-week, “AFIA 500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing” distance education program provides an in-depth understanding of the feed manufacturing process, while allowing participants to work at their own pace and engage in online discussions with other students and university instructors. Program fees are $ 499 for members and $ 685 for non-members. The deadline to register is Friday, March 29. Visit the course website for more information and to register.

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