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Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t miss a thing in the dynamic global animal feed sector. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry.

Aquafeed extrusion course: Now also in South America

The Aquafeed Extrusion Technology course will also be available in South America. The Catholic University of Temuco in Chile has invited cooperation to present the Aquafeed Extrusion programme for the first time in Chili from 22 to 24 October 2018.

The 3-day programme covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes, and the formulation of extruded aquafeeds. Topics cover the basics of extruders and their configuration, through what is happening inside the extruder barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and extruder instability. Details of upcoming courses can be found here.

EU dossier for Digestarom® DC submitted

Following a successful start to a global launch, Biomin submitted a dossier for the EU authorisation of Digestarom® DC, a phytogenic feed additive (PFA), for zootechnical status based on its ability to improve the performance parameters of broilers.

The EU dossier, submitted for evaluation in June 2018, includes 4 broiler feeding trials that were conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of the product. Biomin submitted an EU dossier for zootechnical authorization in piglets in 2017, which is still under review.

Pitch challenge for insect-driven ideas

US company Little Herds will launch Ento-Prize, a pitch challenge for entrepreneurs with insect-driven ideas. Winners will receive industry-specific mentorship, specialised services and a to-be-determined amount of prize money to help fund their idea.

Little Herds decided to launch the competition after a successful year-long collaboration with GrubTubs, a sustainable agriculture startup that uses insect-farming technology to upcycle food waste into livestock feed. EntoPrize will be open to a wide range of ideas, as long as they‘re related to Insect Agriculture, and is especially encouraging under-represented founders to apply. Students and entrepreneurs around the world will be able to apply for free, and Ento-Prize won’t take equity from the startups supported. Little Herds is already getting guidance and advice from other pitch challenge veterans, including local challenge Food+City, and plans to begin accepting applications for EntoPrize in early 2019

Levucell SB get SPACE award

Lallemand Animal Nutrition received a 2-star innovation award from the organisers of French leading livestock exhibition SPACE: the Innov’Space for its probiotic yeast Levucell SB (Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii CNCM I-1079). This product was recently authorised in the European Union as a zootechnical additive for chickens and minor avian species for fattening (4d1703). The product helps balance the gut microbiota and strengthens the animal’s natural defences.

Nutreco invests in ViAqua

Nutreco has invested in Israeli startup ViAqua as part of its focus on combatting disease in the aquaculture industry. ViAqua is developing the first orally-administered treatment for shrimp that improves resistance to viral diseases, including White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), and prevents viral epidemics. Nutreco has taken a meaningful minority share that will conditionally grow over time. The solution offered by ViAqua, which was founded in 2014, uses a proprietary particle to disable viral infections. In the future, ViAqua intends to expand to include more species, like other shellfish such as lobster and crab, and small fish.

Registration open for equipment manufacturers conference

Registration is now open for the American Feed Industry Association’s Equipment Manufacturers Conference, being held November 7-9 in San Antonio, Texas. Hosted by AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Committee, this annual conference brings together equipment designers, manufacturers and installers and feed production professionals from across the United States. The 3-day event kicks off with the annual golf tournament, which raises money for the Institute for Feed Education and Research’s EMC scholarship fund, a programme designed to encourage college students to consider careers in the feed or grain sciences.

Louis Dreyfus announces zero deforestation policy

Louis Dreyfus Company, one of the world’s Big 4 commodity traders, became the first large soy company to announce a specific, credible, detailed policy to eliminate destruction of native ecosystems and endangered wildlife from its soy supply chain, and uphold the rights of local and indigenous communities in the areas in which it operates. This policy sets Louis Dreyfus as a leader in the soy industry in terms of moving towards the deforestation-free soy supply chain that the market is demanding.

Louis Dreyfus’ policy applies to all of its soy supply chains in South America. This commitment shows that it is possible to expand agriculture on Latin America’s existing one billion-plus acres of already degraded land, instead of clearing intact native vegetation for soy.

ADM to purchase Neovia

Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) plans to acquire Neovia, a global provider of value-added animal nutrition solutions, with 72 production facilities and a presence in 25 countries, headquartered in Saint-Nolff, Britanny, France. The 100% cash deal has an approximate enterprise value of € 1.535 billion, subject to customary adjustments. “The acquisition of global leader Neovia would represent a transformative step for our Animal Nutrition business, and a major strategic investment in France,” said ADM Chairman and CEO Juan Luciano. “At ADM, everything starts with the farmer, and we are eager to deepen our relationships with French farmers and French agriculture as we bring together the resources, technologies and expertise of 2 great companies. We look forward to working with them to leverage their global presence, integrated value chain and world-class innovation to reach new markets and new customers together.

New website for Imerys Performance Additives Division

Imerys Performance Additives, a Division of Imerys, producer of mineral-based speciality solutions for industry, announced the launch of its new website, which replaces the existing www.imerystalc.com website. The new website presents the Performance Additives Division’s full portfolio of mineral solutions and their attributes across a wide range of industrial applications.

Wisium and Jeil Feed extend their cooperation

Wisium and Jeil Feed extend their cooperation by signing a technical assistance partnership agreement for the 4th time. Under this agreement, Wisium is providing knowledge, assistance and technical support to Jeil Feed. Wisium is the international brand of premix / firm services business of Neovia and Jeil Feed is the major South Korean animal feed manufacturer with 7 plants in Korea and 2 in China. The company produces 1.4 million tons of feed per year with a turnover of USD$ 560 million. The partnership between he 2 companies started in 2012.

Alltech Crop Science attains organic certification

Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, has attained organic certification in North America for 2 of its naturally based products: Grain-Set® and Agro-Mos®. The 2 micronutrient fertilisers, which are based on amino acid and fermentation technology, join the company’s other Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)-certified products, including Soil-Set®, Crop-Set® and Galvanize® Contact, increasing options for organic growers to meet the nutritional needs of their crops.

BioMar exceed expectations on sustainability

BioMar Group released their Integrated Sustainability Report. 3 years ahead of schedule, 4 out of 5 KPI’s for raw materials have reached the 2020 target. BioMar has decided to raise the bar further and have now set new targets for 2020. BioMar’s Integrated Sustainability Report is a comprehensive report that is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and referencing the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. It gives complete transparency on BioMar operations not only with their sustainability KPIs but their finances and growth ambitions. The report takes an in-depth look at the role and importance of traceability and data analytics in the future of sustainable aquaculture. In 2015 BioMar addressed the sustainability of their raw materials by setting ambitious targets for the use of certified products. These KPIs included 100% certification of all soy protein, krill and palm oil and 70% of all fish meal and fish oil. While soy protein remains on track to achieve its 2020 objective, all other ingredients have met or exceeded expectations. BioMar will now raise the bar on their targets for fish meal and fish oil to 80% certified material by 2020.

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