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Photo: Shutterstock

It is Friday again and time for All About Feed’s wrap up of the latest developments and business updates from the global animal feed industry. With this overview you will quickly be updated again on what happened over the last week.

Skiold launches one single digital platform

Skiold, Danish supplier of cleaning and grading machines for all kinds of grain, seed, and pulses has been granted a 3 star award at Agromek for its new tool for daily work and gives full insights to make intelligent business decisions based on data. The tool (called Skiold digital®) gathers, analyse and helps to manage the farm or the plant with valuable and reliable knowledge. This provides instant access to real-time data about everything from grain storage to feed mill and climate to animal performance. The solution integrates the existing management solutions and control systems from Skiold across the divisions Feed, Grain and Pig, thus all production data are gathered in one single platform for comprehensive analyses and daily management.

AFIA conference focuses on future leaders

More than 60 industry professionals gathered in San Antonio, Texas, at the beginning of November to participate in the American Feed Industry Association’s 19th annual Equipment Manufacturers Conference (EMC). Hosted by AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Committee, this year’s conference examined the future of the industry with discussions on how to recruit, train and retain qualified people pursuing careers in this segment of the industry to cultivating an employee culture that works. One-way AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Committee is investing in future leaders is through the EMC Scholarship Fund, administered by the Institute for Feed Education and Research. This fund raises money for college students pursuing various degrees in animal food manufacturing. Another highlight of this year’s conference included a panel comprised of feed production professionals who discussed topics such as factory acceptance testing, start-up and commissioning of equipment as well as common frustrations experienced with equipment suppliers. The 2019 Equipment Manufacturers Conference will take place November 6-8, 2019, in Marco Island, Fl.

Zinpro launches new metal amino acid complex

Zinpro Corporation announces ProPath® for the US and Mexico to optimise trace mineral nutrition for multiple species. The ProPath family of products include a highly concentrated mineral formulation, exceptional uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency, product stability, solubility and sustainability. ProPath is classified as a metal amino acid complex. It stands alone as the only organic performance trace mineral product that combines two specific amino acids, each bound (or complexed) to a mineral, such as zinc, copper, iron or manganese, in a stable, 1:1 ratio. ProPath’s unique molecular structure results in a more sustainable choice to improve animal wellness and performance.

App tells the correct dosage of products against mycotoxins

Animal nutrition company Wisium has launched the Mycowatch® app, a monitoring tool allowing to know the precise dosage of T5X product, Wisium mycotoxins solution. The monitoring tool allows valorising mycotoxins analysis results in order to evaluate the contamination risk (from low to critical), to select the most suitable dosage. The app takes into account the species and sub-species sensibilities to mycotoxins, the raw materials inclusion rate in the formula and the possible multi-contaminations. Mycowatch® app is available Google Play and Apple store. The app is mainly dedicated to nutritionists and feed producers formulators usable for their day-to-day work, in addition, a full report of each simulation can be sent by e-mail for archives.

The Mycowatch® app is a monitoring tool allowing to know the precise dosage of T5X product, Wisium mycotoxins solution. Photo: Screenshot ITunes

The Mycowatch® app is a monitoring tool allowing to know the precise dosage of T5X product, Wisium mycotoxins solution. Photo: Screenshot ITunes

DLG steps into India Dairy Livestock & Poultry Expo-AgroFarm show

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement to co-organize the “Dairy Livestock & Poultry Expo-AgroFarm” in India. The DLG International subsidiary IFWexpo Heidelberg will cooperate with the Indian trade fair organiser Radeecal Communications to present the event, which will be held at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, from 6th to 8th September 2019. The agreement was signed during DLG’s EuroTier trade fair for the animal production sector. Dairy Livestock & Poultry Expo-AgroFarm will include exhibitors engaged in producing technical farm equipment, solutions for packaging and processing, and services for dairy and poultry production. The trade fair aims to support local farmers and cooperatives from the regions of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and many other Indian states.

Phileo launches the new generation Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+

In the last few years, feed manufacturers have been facing increasing constraints, mainly in terms of safety, accuracy and environmental sustainability, while constantly seeking cost optimisation. To respond to these new technological requirements, Phileo has developed the new generation Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+, providing excellent resistance to the main physical stress factors encountered by yeast probiotics during the pelleting process: compression and friction; heat and humidity. Compatibility with acids in the feed formula comes as the 4th constraint taken into consideration in this multifactorial approach. Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ is a concentrate of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae processed in a micro spherule form (Lesaffre proprietary strain: NCYC Sc 47 / CNCM I-4407). It is the reference yeast probiotic for most farm animal species with European registration in 13 different species and stages including ruminants, swine and horses amongst others.

BioMar steps up production shrimp feed in Ecuador

BioMar Group ready to build new line for extruded shrimp feed in Ecuador to accommodate the growth in volumes sold, BioMar Group has decided to invest in additional capacity at its factory in Ecuador. The new line will add approximately 40,000 tons capacity and is expected to enter operation in Q1 2020, just one year after the latest capacity expansion, which is due in Q1 2019. “We have experienced a strong growth in Ecuador since the acquisition of Alimentsa in 2017 and we currently operate at our capacity limit. For our customers the new line will mean increased flexibility and increased choice, as it will significantly expand our capacity for extruded and value added feed solutions,” explains Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President Emerging Markets in the BioMar Group. Shrimp production in Ecuador has been growing with double digits in 2018 placing Ecuador as the third largest shrimp producing nation in the world. Apart from the shrimp feed business in Ecuador, BioMar currently produces extruded shrimp feed in Asia and Central America plus some support production for Central America and Ecuador coming from BioMar’s factories in Chile. Larval diets for shrimp are distributed worldwide under the LARVIVA brand from BioMar’s French production site.

Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President Emerging Markets in the BioMar Group: "The new line will mean increased flexibility and increased choice." Photo: BioMar

Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President Emerging Markets in the BioMar Group: “The new line will mean increased flexibility and increased choice.” Photo: BioMar

InnovaFeed to build 5 more insect meal plants by 2020

The French insect meal producer InnovaFeed has been granted another 40 million Euro. The company already secured over 55 million Euro in 2018. With this, the company can further develop insect production in Europe. Following the implementation of the new European regulations, in late 2017, allowing the use of insect protein in aquaculture, InnovaFeed launched a pilot site which kicked-off its industrial production. Thanks to this first production site, InnovaFeed in partnership with a French retailer, was the first to propose fish that have been fed with insects to end consumers. Building on its successes of the first half of the year, the company announced in September the construction of a new production site in partnership with Téréos, a French a cooperative sugar group, which will increase its production capacity to 10,000 tonnes of insect protein per year. The extra funding allows Innovafeed to invest over 200 million Euro to build 5 new production sites by 2020. The number of staff will be tripled in size by the end of 2019.

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