Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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Friday Feed Update: What did you miss? Photo: Shutterstock
Friday Feed Update: What did you miss? Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t miss a thing in the dynamic global animal feed sector. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry.

Zinpro Launches Availa®Se Across the European Union

After a thorough and rigorous examination by the European Commission (EC), Zinpro Corporation announces a markedly superior and distinctive selenium performance trace mineral – Availa®Se – now available for purchase across the European Union (EU) for all-specie use. Zinpro is a company focused on performance trace mineral complexes and is widely recognised as the worldwide leader in trace mineral nutrition. Already available in many parts of the world, Availa-Se will be marketed in a 2000 ppm selenium formulation across Europe. Availa-Se utilises similar patented technology as the company’s well-proven and time-tested Availa-Zn product to improve mineral stability and availability in the animal. In addition, Availa-Se possesses a unique molecular structure that makes it the world’s first rumen bypass selenium product.

Agrana and Amalgamated form JV for crystalline betaine

The fruit, starch and sugar group Agrana signed a joint venture agreement with US-based sugar producer Amalgamated (The Amalgamated Sugar Company) relating to the construction of a betaine crystallisation plant at its sugar mill in Tulln, Lower Austria. The conclusion of the contract is subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities. Betaine is manufactured from sugar beet molasses and has numerous practical applications.

Betaine is used not only in the livestock sector as a constituent of animal feedstuffs but also in food supplements and sports drinks. Due to its osmoregulatory properties, betaine is also used in cosmetic products. Work on the new betaine crystallisation plant is intended to start in early 2019. The financing required for the new facility of the joint venture amounts to around € 40 million. The construction work will take approximately a year. Agrana has been processing the sugar beet molasses obtained during the production of sugar to make liquid betaine since 2015. As a result of the new plant, Tulln will become the world’s third production site at which natural, high-quality, crystalline betaine is manufactured.

Strong sales growth for Anpario

Anpario plc, the international producer and distributor of natural animal feed additives for animal health, nutrition and biosecurity, has announced strong sales growth in its US, Europe and Australasia markets. Results for the year ended 31 December 2018 showed profits up by a third to £4m (approximately € 4.7 million) on sales of £28.3m (approximately € 30 million). “Trading in the current year is ahead of the same point in 2018,” said Anpario chief executive Richard Edwards. “We are confident initiatives taken like the introduction of the next generation of mycotoxin binders branded Anpro® and Optomega Plus, our sustainable omega-3 supplement, that helps improve fertility in dairy cows will prove attractive to customers. Furthermore, the rapid transition to antibiotic free meat production has seen farmers across the world seek alternatives that provide a better return on investment than the products they currently use. Orego-Stim®, our 100% natural essential oil product, is now the leading phytogenics brand achieving consistent performance results. Its availability to be used across different species to maximise gut health and support a healthy immune system has seen sales increase significantly in many countries especially the UK, USA, Spain, Austria, Poland and Australia,” said Mr Edwards.

Entobel builds commercial-scale insect factory in Vietnam

Entobel, a pioneer biotech company specialised in insect-based feed, established its production activities in Vietnam in 2013. Now it is time for the next step. Entobel is currently completing the setup of its commercial factory in Vietnam with an expected capacity of 1,000 tons H-Meal/year and 5,000 tons H-Ferti/year. The semi-automated factory will be ISO22000 and GMP certified. The first commercial batches will be available by mid-2019 and full capacity will be reached by the end of the year. Entobel products can be exported outside Vietnam to fulfil certain premium demands. Entobel complies with EU standards regarding insect feedstock, sourcing only traceable plant-based by-products. More than 100 raw materials were tested at Entobel’s pilot site in order to determine the most efficient and cost-effective insect diet.

Growth in number of Norwegian salmon fed with algae

Corbion, the global market leader in algae-based food ingredients and BioMar, the leading innovator in sustainable aquaculture feeds, announced that over 350,000 tons of fish feed with AlgaPrime™ DHA has been delivered to Norwegian salmon farmers since 2016. AlgaPrime™ DHA is an algae-based source of long-chain omega 3s. For more than 2 years, this product has been incorporated into fish feed in Norway, enabling farmers to improve the omega-3 content and reduce the fish-in fish-out ratio of farmed salmon.

Royal De Heus acquires a majority stake in Ukrainian D-Mix

On 4 March 2019 Royal De Heus has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in D-Mix in Ukraine. With this partnership De Heus marks a strategic step in the attractive Ukrainian market for animal feed following over a decade exporting animal nutrition products to Ukraine. The joint venture company will carry out its business activities under the trade name ‘Koudijs Ukraine’. Closing is expected in the second quarter of 2019. The family-owned business D-Mix is managed by Fedir Shopsky and is located in Zolochiv in Western Ukraine and has a strong regional position. This company produces concentrates speciality feeds and complete feeds, mainly for poultry and pigs. D-Mix has a production capacity of 80,000 tons and crushes 50,000 tons of sunflower seeds and soya beans. Soon, the company will start with the construction of a premix factory which is expected to be operational early 2020. The day-to-day management of the joint venture will be in the hands of Fedir Shopsky.

MSD Animal Health Acquires Fish Health Company Scan Aqua AS

MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Scan Aqua AS, the operational affiliate of Scanvacc AS, a company with a strong expertise in fish health and fish welfare. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The acquisition of Scan Aqua AS will include its Rx product portfolio with the key products AQUI-S® and Finquel. AQUI-S is a sedative for use during treatment, pumping, transportation, and handling of salmon and rainbow trout. Finquel is a widely-used anesthetic mainly used in fish farming during the vaccination process and any handling events that require the fish to be fully anesthetised, such as lice counting.

Bühler Insect Technology Solutions and Alfa Laval join forces in insect processing

Bühler Insect Technology Solutions, a pioneering provider of integrated solutions for insect rearing and processing, is combining its strengths with Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Together, they will offer advanced modular insect plant solutions to the booming insect industry. Bühler Insect Technology Solutions and Alfa Laval aim to leverage each company’s technology capabilities, engineering know-how and market access. The 2 companies have jointly developed tailored solutions for heat transfer, solid and lipid separation, and fluid transfer that can be integrated seamlessly into modular insect plant solutions. Thanks to the joint expertise, these highly flexible solutions allow insect producers to easily ramp up production as demand increases. The products will be offered exclusively through Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. The 2 companies will also cooperate on further research and development, marketing and after-sales services.

Pacific Seeds launches new herbicide resistant hybrid canola

Market-leading seed producer Pacific Seeds has announced plans to launch 2 new canola varieties to the Australian market, following the Chinese government’s approval of the Bayer-developed TruFlex® herbicide resistant trait. TruFlex® is the first new herbicide-resistant trait offering since Monsanto, which was recently acquired by Bayer, launched the Roundup Ready® herbicide trait in 1996. It offers canola growers a wider weed spraying window, extending beyond the current 6-leaf stage up to first flowering.

Pacific Seeds managing director Barry Croker said Pacific Seeds had taken a commercial decision to integrate the Truflex trait and conduct seed production prior to approval from China.

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