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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the dynamic global animal feed industry.

Evonik and Perstorp sign joint research agreement

Evonik and Perstorp have signed a research agreement for the development of new animal nutrition products and are investigating future options for partnerships. The approach combines Evonik’s access to the gut health simulation system and probiotics portfolio with Perstorp’s ester technology platform for acid application. The products to be developed will be aimed at improving animal gut health and keeping the performance compared to AGPs.

Hamlet Protein introduces diet solution free of ZnO

Danish animal nutrition company Hamlet Protein has been working on the development of a practical solution that provides an alternative to zinc oxide and which helps prevent diarrhoea in young animals. HP FiberStart will be launched in Denmark in the 2nd half of 2019. The product can be used in the 1st diet post-weaning to alleviate weaning problems while keeping the piglets growing. The fibre part consists of both soluble and insoluble fibres.

The company also recently received a delegation of Chinese industry professionals and scientists in Denmark. An exchange on nutrition and health aspects of pig feed formulation was well received by the forum of Danish and Chinese participants.

Biomin commits to AMR Challenge

Animal nutrition company Biomin has made a public commitment to the AMR Challenge, a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for governments, industries, and NGOs worldwide to make progress against antimicrobial resistance. In particular, Biomin commits to “expanding the reduction of the non-medically necessary use of antibiotic feed solutions across the agriculture sector globally.”

Photo: Brookside Agra

Photo: Brookside Agra

Brookside Agra introduces buffered electrolytes

Brookside Agra has expanded its animal health and nutrition product line to include Brook-Lytes – a non-medicated, pH-buffered electrolyte for pigs of all stages and environments. When added to drinking water, the solution draws pigs to drink with its palatable formula and aromatic flavour to keep them hydrated and fortified with essential nutrients. The product replaces fluids, electrolytes and elements lost to metabolism and stressful situations.

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Natural Remedies named Best Health Care Brand

Indian herbal animal health care company, Natural Remedies, has been honoured for excellence and have been named “Best Healthcare Brand” for 2019. The title was given to Natural Remedies following an independent survey conducted by Economic Times along with their research team. The survey was based on interviews conducted across 11 cities in India totaling 9,000 respondents comprising patients, consumers, healthcare professionals, and hospital staff. Brands were rated on innovation, brand awareness and recall, research & development, and consumer experience.

Photo: Natural Remedies

Photo: Natural Remedies

Novus presents scholar and teaching awards at PSA event

Novus International presented 2 top researcher educators with high honours during the Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

Dr Audrey McElroy was named the winner of the Novus Outstanding Scholar Award, which aims to recognise a researcher who has helped develop science-based solutions for the agriculture industry. Dr McElroy is a professor and broiler extension specialist in the Department of Poultry Science at Texas A&M University where she teaches Breeder and Hatchery Management, and a Poultry Science capstone course in professional skills and career readiness. Her current research includes growth performance, gut health and dietary strategies in poultry.

Dr Karen Schwean-Lardner, who received the 2019 Novus Outstanding Teaching Award, teaches undergraduate poultry science and animal behaviour, and graduate advanced animal welfare at the Department of Animal and Poultry Science in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. She also teaches poultry production at Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She joined the faculty at in 2014 after completing her doctorate degree in poultry management and welfare. Her focus was studying the impact of light on broiler welfare and production.

Siloking sold 2,000 self-propelled units worldwide

German company Siloking, which manufactures a wide portfolio of mixed ration feeders, has reached a major milestone having now sold 2,000 self-propelled units worldwide.

Siloking launched its first self-propelled feeder at EuroTier in 2004 when it presented the machine with a three-point chassis. Their first model was ‘a machine that can load, mix, drive and present feed’ and later won a DLG gold medal at the show. This achievement was the result of several years of development combined with practical experience gained from numerous dairy farms.

Photo: Siloking

Photo: Siloking

Country Junction Feeds purchases Cowlick Minerals

A new chapter in the story of Cowlick Minerals Ltd. is set to unfold following the purchase of the vitamin and mineral premix plant by Country Junction Feeds, effective 1 September 2019.

Cowlick Minerals Ltd. in Canada is building on a legacy of almost a half century serving local producers and agribusiness as a supplier of feed and premix.

Cowlick Minerals primarily serves cow-calf operators, featuring a full line of CFIA registered products including loose minerals, pressed blocks and molasses-based tub supplements. It is also registered to use medicated ingredients.

Nutrition Technologies to set up insect protein production facility

Singapore-based agri-food tech company Nutrition Technologies have received funding to establish the largest high-tech commercial-scale insect protein production facility in Southeast Asia, which can produce over 18,000 tonnes of insect-based feed ingredients and organic fertilisers every year.

The company said that the livestock, aqua and pet feed industries are facing a significant challenge in sourcing high-grade proteins, and that there is growing interest in the alternative protein sector. After three years developing proprietary technology, in 2018 Nutrition Technologies started commercial production of protein and oil from black soldier fly larvae as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal.

The new industrial-scale facility will incorporate Nutrition Technologies’ proprietary insect-rearing production system to manufacture Hi.Protein® insectmeal as an economical and scalable alternative to competing fishmeal products on the market.

“The key to be successful in this sector is being able to produce a consistently high-quality product at an affordable price for feed manufacturers without charging a sustainability premium,” said Nick Piggott, co-founder and CEO of Nutrition Technologies.

Photo: Nutrition Technologies

Photo: Nutrition Technologies

Provimi introduces age-based feeding programme

Cargill’s Provimi introduces Nurture, a new age-based feeding programme and technology for pigs. According to the company, the philosophy behind the Nurture programme brings an improved approach to feeding pigs based on age.

“A young pig’s digestive capability drastically changes between 7 and 35 days of age,” said Matthew Ritter, PhD, swine technical director for Cargill’s Provimi business in North America. “Through industry-leading nursery trials at our global and local research facilities, our teams found new ways to design diets to match the pig’s changing needs. Weaning age is a huge factor in making these decisions.”

By feeding young pigs the right nutrients at the right time, the Nurture programme helps ensure consistent performance and sets young pigs up for future success throughout the grow-finish period, according to Cargill.

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