Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?
Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

It is Friday again and time for All About Feed’s wrap up of the latest developments and business updates from the global animal feed industry. This week, we also look at some of the products launched at the IPPE last week.

AB Vista unveils dual action microbiome activator

A breakthrough dual action product, designed to accelerate the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome, has been launched by AB Vista at the IPPE Expo in Atlanta, USA. Signis – a unique xylanase and fermentable xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) combination – accelerates the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome, enabling the fermentation of fibre sources that would otherwise remain undigested, and improving the extent of fibre digestibility earlier in the monogastric life cycle. At this time, the product is available in North America, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Layn introduces TruGro ingredients for animal feed

Layn Corp., a global leader in the vertically integrated production of quality, plant-based sweeteners and natural extracts, is launching its premium line of TruGro™ byLayn® ingredients for animal nutrition. Targeting the unique nutrition requirements for raising healthy cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, TruGro byLayn is focused on 4 primary feed support areas: gut health, AGP replacement, palatability/sweeteners and antioxidants. The TruGro byLayn line includes polyphenol-rich extracts, sweeteners,citrus flavonoids and other specialty natural extracts. At the IPPE, Layn was present for the first time to showcase their new product portfolio for the animal nutrition market.

New phytogenic feed additives for poultry under challenging conditions

In November 2018, Delacon launched Fresta® Protect for weaning piglets. At IPPE, the leading expert in phytogenics brought another product to the market: Biostrong® Protect. This product is formulated to address top concerns in the poultry production and was designed to satisfy the needs of modern animal feeding strategies. Intestinal disorders, such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis cause more than 5 billion US$ globally. Supplementing broiler and turkey diets with Biostrong® Protect can help the bird to overcome critical stages in better conditions.

Kemin introduces “Triple Check” approach to gut health

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health has highlighted its comprehensive gut health product platform for livestock and poultry at the IPPE. The Gut Health Triple Check programme serves as a support system to clean up contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure, build up intestinal strength to reduce leaky gut and knock out harmful pathogens for healthier, higher-performing animals. Poultry and swine producers can utilise the My Triple Check tool to identify custom solutions based on the unique health or efficiency goals of their operation.

French insect producer Ÿnsect raises $ 125 million

Ÿnsect, the French insect farming start-up, has raised $ 125 million in Series C funding in the largest early-stage agtech funding deal on record in Europe. This takes the company’s total fundraising to over $ 160 million since it was founded in 2011. Ÿnsect farms mealworms to produce ingredients for fish feed, pet food, and crop fertilizers. The investment round was led by Astanor Ventures, a new food and agriculture impact investment fund based in London. Ÿnsect will use the funding to construct what it says will be the largest insect farm in the world, based in Amiens in northern France with the first phase able to produce 20,000 tonnes of insect protein a year.

AB Agri Ltd expands its Primary Diets business

AB Agri Ltd has announced its purchase of Michel Pasze, the specialist baby animal nutrition business based in Smigiel, Poland. The acquisition includes a factory and 35 employees. It will operate as Primary Diets Polska and will substantially boost AB Agri’s Primary Diets business in Poland and surrounding markets. Primary Diets has been selling its UK produced, baby starter feed brands and Premier Nutrition premix in Poland for the last 12 years. Over this time Poland has developed into Primary Diets’ largest export market. Primary Diets Polska will be investing in the production facility to ensure it meets the required standards as an industry leading producer. Once completed, some of the feed production currently undertaken in the UK for export to the EU, will transfer to Poland.

Leiber introduces new yeast fibre concept

Leiber GmbH has expanded its product range in the area of combined yeast products and adjusted their feed to meet current market trends. For several years, the demand for so-called grain-free products has been growing, especially in the horse and pet food sector. Now Leiber is taking this trend into account and also offering innovative combinations with grain-free fibre components in Leiber YeaFi® – The Yeast Fibre Concept. This new concept involves combining pure brewers’ yeast with depectinised apple pomace, unmolassed beet slices, pea fibres and carrot pomace. Apart from pet food, the new Leiber YeaFi® products are also suitable for feeding livestock.

Nutriad Adisseo sponsors Aquafarm Exhibition in Italy

Nutriad Adisseo was a proud sponsor of the third edition of Aquafarm, an international exhibition and conference for aquaculture and algaculture that took place during February 13-14 in Pordenone, Italy. The event gathered suppliers of fish feed, farming equipment, veterinary services and vaccines, and fish processing equipment with a strong focus on the Mediterranean aquaculture market. It provided a great opportunity for Nutriad Adisseo to further engage with customers and leading experts present in this key market. Nutriad Adisseo hosted a presentation by Dr Waldo Nuez, lead scientist Aquaculture at Nutriad, on the beneficial effects of organic selenium in the form of hydroxy-selenomethionine (Selisseo®) in fish species. Dr Nuez explained that hydroxy-selenomethionine is a superior source of organic selenium for formulating aquafeed, according to Dr Nuez. It results in a highly efficient deposition of selenium in tissues under the form of selenomethionine and enhances antioxidant status in relation to other selenium sources. Furthermore, its superior reliability, stability under aquafeed processing conditions, and safety to use, makes it the best choice to supplement selenium in aquafeeds.

Novus EMEA host round table on broiler breeder production

As a producer of poultry feed supplements, Novus International, Inc. hosted its first European, Middle East and African Breeder Roundtable Forum on the 5th and 6th of February in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with the goal of bringing a selected group of the industry’s leading experts in breeder production and scientific research together, to share knowledge and reveal opportunities for future development. The event included 9 experts with different involvement in breeder production including representatives from the genetic companies, from all over EMEA who spent two days discussing the obstacles between today’s production and the next level of performance and profitability. Brand-new research on the impact of management and equipment on breeder production from Wageningen University Research as well as multi/transgenerational effects of a reduced balanced protein diet assessed by the Catholic University of Leuven where presented. Novus shared its latest epigenetic studies assessing the impact of Mintrex® fed to breeder hens on expression of genes involved in intestinal immunity and gut barrier function in their chicks.

Nutreco and Skretting win edie Sustainability Leaders Award

Nutreco and Skretting have been presented with the edie award in the category of Sustainability Product Innovation of the Year for MicroBalance FLX, a feed for salmon containing zero fishmeal. The product is a result of 3 decades of research conducted by the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) exploring the potential for alternative raw materials to replace traditional, finite, marine-based feed components, while ensuring the growth, health and final nutritional qualities that consumers expect from their seafood. Launched in 2016, Skretting became the first commercial company to offer grower diets for salmon containing zero fishmeal by introducing MicroBalance FLX.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor