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Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

Again, a lot of things happened in the global animal feed sector. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry.

Capagro leads a SEK 20 million round in BoMill

Capagro is investing SEK 15.6 million (approx € 1.5 million) in Malmö, Sweden-based BoMill AB, which has developed high-speed grain sorting equipment. The previous owners are also participating in the share issue, totalling SEK 20 million. BoMill’s unique High Precision Quality sorting of Single Kernel technology can be used to sort durum wheat, soft wheat, malting barley, spelt and oats on Fusarium (DON), protein, vitreousness, seed quality and Falling number with a speed of 25,000 kernels per second or three tonnes/hour. This makes the TriQ very profitable for businesses within seed cleaning, grain handling and milling activities.

Roxell is expanding and updating pig feeding systems

Roxell, manufacturer of automated feed, drink and heating systems has presented its new range of round, ad lib feeding systems for pigs. Roxell is expanding its range with Blu’Hox W2F, a wean-to-finish feeding system. Blu‘Hox W2F is a first-class solution for the wean-to-finish market, which is growing in popularity, where piglets remain in the same house throughout their stay. From young pigs to older ones, they have constant access to feed and water in the same feeding pan. The drink nipples can be height adjusted and the water pressure can be adjusted to suit the growing pigs. A unique feature is that the Blu‘Hox W2F requires no extra manual feeding when starting up. The updating of the existing Blu‘Hox products includes now making the feeder pans from stainless steel. Roxell has also updated the agitator in the feed hopper. It is no longer possible for bridges to form in floury or sticky feed. For farmers who give pellets or crumbs there is a new pressure reducer. Manual control of the quantity of feed is kept to a minimum as a result.

VIV Asia 2019 towards the future of Food Engineering

VIV Asia is back on 13-15 March 2019 as the leading Feed to Food international show in Asia. Mr Zhenja Antochin, event manager of VIV Asia, explained: “Big steps are going to be made in 2019, introducing Food Engineering at VIV Asia. The exhibition space that is reserved for Food Engineering is doubled, compared to the Slaughtering & Processing part of VIV Asia 2017. This time VIV Asia also brings in a new collaboration with the International Feed Industry Federation. As Mr Ruwan Berculo, director VIV worldwide announced: “The 6th Global Feed & Food Congress will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 11-13 March 2019 under the theme ‘The future of Feed & Food – are we ready?’. It will bring together leaders from the global feed and food chain and will offer in synergy with VIV Asia an outstanding combination of contents to all the professional visitors heading to Bangkok this coming March.”

Berg + Schmidt to showcase latest trials

At the upcoming EuroTier, feed specialist Berg + Schmidt will be presenting findings from the company’s latest trials showing how feed additives can be used even more efficiently on dairy, pig and poultry farms. The applications research findings focus on positive results obtained with Lipo-Vital, Berg + Schmidt’s latest range of products based on medium-chain fatty acids, in terms of gut health and resilience of piglets and broilers. Moreover, the role of deoiled lecithin in boosting feed con-version rates in weaners was examined and new results were obtained about the effects of fractionated feed fats on dairy cows at the early and mid lactation stages. Berg + Schmidt offers a wide range of feed additives and continuously runs trials aimed at optimising their use. At the EuroTier 2018 trade fair Berg + Schmidt occupies stand no. B26 in hall 20, Messegelände Hannover. http://www.berg-schmidt.de

Nutriad launches Mycogut academy Middle East

Feed additives producer Nutriad, in cooperation with Cairo University, successfully launched the MycoGut Academy in Cairo (Egypt) with 75 attendees from the Middle East. The MycoGut Academy Goal aims to create awareness on the connection between mycotoxin contamination and bacterial challenges.

Agriprotein in Top 50 of TIME magazine

Insect producer Agriprotein has been named by TIME magazine as a Top 50 Genius Company in a new league table of businesses it believes are inventing the future.

The fly farmer and waste-to-nutrient pioneer, which uses fly larvae to turn food waste into animal feed, features in TIME’s first ever annual list of Genius Companies, alongside tech giants such as Amazon, Apple and Airbnb. Jason Drew, AgriProtein co-founder and CEO, said: “We’re flattered, but in fact we’re not really doing anything new, as Mother Nature has been recycling nutrients for millennia. All we’re doing is harvesting that bounty to produce a much-needed sustainable protein for animal diets.” In June AgriProtein raised US$ 105 million in funding, the largest investment to date in the insect protein sector, and has fly farm projects under development across the world to produce its flagship product MagMeal™.

Trouw Nutrition launches mobile nutrition technology

Farmers and feed producers can take control of production and streamline costs with the launch of the mobile nutrition solution, the NutriOpt On-site Adviser.

Those in Germany and Spain will be some of the first to access the powerful technology, as it rolls out globally. The NutriOpt On-site Adviser gives farmers and feed producers the capability to access real-time raw materials data and nutritional expertise on-site, making it easier to hit production and profitability targets.

NutriOpt’s parent company, animal nutrition specialist Trouw Nutrition, will be pushing out the technology further afield in the coming months, working with customers to drive further innovation of the product.

Cargill UK to launch Neopigg® Max

Cargill UK has launched a new range of piglet diets, Neopigg® Max that uses precise ration formulations to match the nutritional requirements of the modern pig from four days old to 18kg liveweight. Results from extensive UK on farm trials show improvements in growth rates of up to 21% in the first 12 days post weaning compared with former Cargill standard diets.

The range includes 13 dry diets; a pre-starter diet to encourage intake and prepare piglets for weaning, followed by first, second and third stage diets – aptly named as Start, Gain and Advance – to maximise post weaning growth. Diets are flexible and work together seamlessly to drive growth at each stage under a range of systems.

Proagrica seminars at EuroTier

Proagrica, publisher of All About Feed, Pig Progress, Poultry World and Dairy Global, is organising a range of seminars at the upcoming EuroTier in Hanover, Germany. The seminars are focused on gut health in pig and poultry, advanced dairy farming and advanced pig farming, The events will take place in the room New York 2 at The Exhibition Grounds in Hanover. The evens are free, but please register to secure your seat.

Biomin starts construction of new production site

Biomin celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony for the company’s new production site in Haag am Hausruck, Upper Austria. The new production site will produce antibiotic-free mineral feed and premixes, which help to increase the performance of swine. The construction phase will take 12 months; production at the site will be operational from December 2019.

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