Full range of Airlock Feeders at Meyer

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Full range of Airlock Feeders at Meyer

Meyer Rotary Airlock Feeders offer the industry’s broadest range of sizes, features and capabilities.  They are available in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Sanitary Valve, and Custom Valve series to meet most application needs.

Their Standard Duty series provides a great valve for
low pressure conveying and dust collection applications. The Heavy Duty HD
series airlocks are designed for rugged applications and engineered for high
pressure, high temperature service conditions requiring an outboard bearing
style unit. All rotor and shaft designs are oversized to eliminate shaft
deflection and fatigue.   

The HDPV Heavy Duty Pellet
Valve and the HDSE Heavy-Duty Side-Entry models are specially designed with
offset inlet and discharge opening to reduce product shearing.

Sanitary Valve SV series features the Kwik-Klean® and Klean-In-Place®
models.  Both are designed for use in USDA approved plants and are designed
for fast disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly without tools and removal from

Meyer’s CV Custom Valve Series are highly specialized. 
These units are designed to handle oversized large materials, high pressures or
extreme temperatures. 

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