GAFTA grain trade training course in Bangkok

26-01-2010 | |

The Grain And Feed Trading Association (Gafta) is organising a 3-day Grade 1 training course in grain trading.

GAFTA’s Continuing Professional Development Programme A Grade 1 level Training Course provides participants with a broad introduction to all aspects of the trade.
The event takes place from 1-3 March at the Millennium Hilton in Bangkok, Thailand, just prior to Victam Asia (3-5 March).
Designed primarily either for employees of members new to the trade, or those needing to broaden their knowledge this courses tackles all aspects of the training programme at an introductory level.
Teaching throughout this programme is through a mixture of lectures, discussions, case studies, and participant based activities either individually or in groups.
Each day is split into 2 to 3 sessions which include lectures, time for discussions and a practical exercise.
Course materials are provided to students in advance and should be read prior to attending the course, in addition to acting as a useful reference material post course.
Click here  to see the full event details including the booking form to register for this event.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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