Garlic supplement selected for climate award

27-03-2009 | |

Mootral – a garlic-based feed additive can reduce the methane produced by cows, sheep and other ruminants. The extract is a natural feed ingredient that limits the growth of bacteria in the ruminant’s stomach.

The key ingredient is allicin, a compound derived from garlic, which reduced methane production by 94 per cent in a laboratory trial simulating ruminants’ digestive processes. Animal trials are now underway to work out the optimum dosage and frequency.

Neem Biotech is already producing the allicin on a commercial scale. They point out that the feed additives can get to work straight away. “Many carbon-offsetting initiatives are frustratingly long-term, but Mootral can reduce methane emissions with immediate effect,” says director Professor Jeremy Stone.

Neem Biotech Limited in the UK – the producer of Mootral has been selected into the final 5 of a global competition looking at ways of mitigating climate change. Click here to vote for this garlic feed supplement. The winner is announced on 3rd April.

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