Ghana has opportunities for fish feed investments

15-04-2009 | |

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is inviting animal nutrition and fish feed companies to establish a fish mill factory to serve the industry. According to GIPC, the country has potential to become the West African hub for fish mill operations.

The fisheries sector in Ghana is important to national economic development, with an estimated contribution of 3% of total GDP. There are five multinational companies in large-scale aquaculture production on the Volta Lake using cage fishing, while over 100 medium-scale farmers in the Ashanti and Eastern regions farm using fish ponds.

The estimated total marine fish production in 2007 was 400,000 tonnes, while aquaculture brought in 10,000 tonnes. According to the Ministry of Fisheries, the national fish requirement has grown from 676,000 tonnes in 1995 to 840,000 tonnes in 2007. The deficit between fish requirement and production is therefore a prime motivation in the development of aquaculture and related industries.

Market for fish feed
There is a large and ready market for a fish feed industry. The biggest fish farm in West Africa, Tropo farm in Akosombo, is located in Ghana. There are also other numerous farms that are in need of reliable supplies of fish meal.  Being a member of ECOWAS, a market with a population of 250 million people, Ghana has significant potential of becoming West Africa’s hub for fish mill operations.

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