GMP+ courses for 2013 announced

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GMP+ courses for 2013 announced

Over the past year, many quality managers and employees, auditors, nutritionists, operators, drivers, production staff, buyers and traders have followed a GMP+ course.

As always, this year  GMP+ are again offering courses and trainings. There are more than 30 courses to choose from! They are given in various languages. There is a suitable course for any officers in the feed industry. Is your desired level not listed or would you rather have an in-company training, that is possible as well.

Popular GMP+ courses
A small selection of our popular trainings:

EU-Feed Legislation
Law and legislation for the feed sector is extensive and complex. In this training, Law and legislation for feed and feed materials will be central. An overview will be provided of relevant topical Law and legislation in the feed sector.
Date: 12.03.2013 (Dutch) or 16.04.2013 (English)

Grundlagen der Tierernährung und Futtermittelkunde
This course is perfect for young and / or new employees in the feed industry. This course addresses the basic knowledge of feed, including digestion, protein and energy supply and laboratory analyses.
Date: 18.03.2013
Language: German

New GMP+ courses
Below a number of new courses:

Principles and backgrounds of compound feed production
The GMP+ standards state: “The participant has to schedule production and perform it under controlled circumstances”. This relates to the dosage, mixing, pelleting and controlling the residue standards (contamination, production sequence and return flows). The processes are recorded in process parameters. That is why solid knowledge of the principles and models is required for these process parameters.
Date: 07.05.2013
Language: Dutch

Feed legislation for self-mixing livestock farmers
All livestock farmers in the Netherlands must comply with the feed legislation. Self-mixing livestock farmers however, are considered feed producers under the Law. That is why the legal requirements for self-mixing livestock farmers are much more strict than for livestock farmers who process whole feed. What are the exact differences? What do these differences mean in reality? How can they be dealt with in a practical manner?
Date: 29.10.2013
Language: Dutch    

Courses that will be given on short notice

Pelleting of compound feed
Would you also like to easily improve your pelleting process? In this course, the theory is supplemented with practical exercises in the practice area of the training institute.
Date: 26.02.2013
Language: English

QMB workshop
Being certified has some internal implications. How can the staff remain involved? The performance of internal audits, the application of systematic risk analyses and contributing to a continuous process of improvement are items that are addressed in this training.
Date: 11.03.2013
Language: German

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