GMP+ update of ingredient risk assessment database

31-05-2010 | |

A new version has been published on the website of GMP+ International of the “List of products in the Feed Materials Risk Assessment Database (DRV)”. This new list is the result of a revision of the DRV list.

As it is the intention to have an up-to-date DRV list, GMP+ International made it known via the newsletter of 20 April 2010 that some products would be deleted from the DRV list.
GMP+ International has received responses from a number of companies for some products. The organisation said it will contact these companies with respect to the missing risk assessments for these products.
Below is a summary of the products in question for which no objection has been received and which have been deleted from the DRV list.
If a product is to be marketed again in the future then the product can be included again in the DRV list by submitting a risk assessment.  
Rape fatty acids, free
Dried filtrate milk alternatives soybased
Rapeseed feed meal
Hardened fats, esterified
Shea butter, crude
Coconut milk
Shea nuts
Coconut feed meal
Shea butter, refined
Linseed cleanings
Wheat cake
Lupins, de-husked
Sunflower seed cleanings
In addition, a number of product names have been moved to the synonyms list.
The changes to the DRV list have been shaded grey.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed