Greenpeace petition handed over to EU

05-02-2007 | |

Today, Greenpeace handed over 1 million signatures to Markos Kyprianou, the European commissioner for Health.

With this petition, citizens from 21 of 27 EU member states

are demanding that milk, meat and eggs are being labelled
when they are derived from animals that ate feed contaning genetically modified

Labelling rule not for animal products
As of 18 April 2004, it is compulsory
that supermarket chains label their products if they contain genetically
modified ingredients. However, this rule does not account for animal
products such as milk, meat and eggs. According to Greenpeace, the European
Commission needs to put this issue on its agenda to make it easier for consumers
to choose products that are free from these ingredients.

into the matter again

Environmental groups
have campaigned hard in recent years to get the EU to ban the use of
genetically modified crops, which they argue are dangerous to human health.
“The petition is a strong view on the part of European
citizens. Of course we will look into the matter again,” Kyprianou


European Commission for Health

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