Happy Shrimp Farm confident for 2009

30-09-2008 | |
Happy Shrimp Farm confident for 2009

After a poor start, the Happy Shrimp Farm in Rotterdam – the first topical shrimp farm in Europe – is convident to reach their production targets in 2009.

The Happy Shrimp Farm was founded in 2006. The intentions were good, the money
was there and the demand for fresh tropical shrimps was large. However, the
construction of the basins and finding the optimal production process took more
time than expected. “This is because the production of live shrimps is delicate
and complex”, says Gilbert Curtessi (pictured), founder and General Director of
the Happy Shrimp Farm.

Because the basins took more time to built, the
first shrimps were sold in May 2007. The company therefore had loss of over
€250,000 at the end of 2007. In 2008, the production was really starting to get
shape and the company is currently producing 350 kilo fresh shrimps per week,
still only 60% of the 600 kilo that was projected.

Curtessi is confident
that 2009 is going to be a lot better, in terms of production and
management.With a new team including De Grootscholten Groep and entrepreneur
Gerrit Geeve together with operational adjustments on the farm, the Happy Shrimp
Farm is ready to roll.

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