High performance mould inhibitor cuts costs in feeds

24-06-2009 | |

Trouw Nutrition International (TNI) Feed Additives has developed a new mould inhibitor that is significantly more effective at controlling moulds on compound animal feeds and their raw materials than ammonium proprionate and other currently available inhibitors.

Named Fylax Forte it delivers the same shelf life while saving 10–15% in costs. The new mould inhibitor is being launched this month by Trouw Nutrition International (TNI) Feed Additives, as part of the Selko Organic Acids range.
There are two key reasons for the high performance of Fylax Forte and both result from the technology used in production. Proprionic acid is very effective at killing moulds but its acid nature means it is unsuitable for commercial use.
That is why, for mould inhibitors, it is neutralised, for example in the form of ammonium proprionate.
Micelle structure
The production technology developed by TNI Feed Additives and the Nutreco Ingredient Research Centre forms ammonium proprionate molecules into spherical micelles with the ammonium part on the outside.
At the same time it activates the proprionate fraction. These micelles increase the porosity of the cell walls and destabilise the cell membranes more effectively than dispersed molecules.
By increasing the openness of the mould, non-dissociated organic acids from Fylax Forte penetrate easily, inhibiting the mould cell metabolism, specifically the glycolysis.
It is this combination that enables the product to kill moulds more effectively than conventional products.
Effective against most moulds
In trials, Fylax Forte proved highly effective against the typical mould species Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penecillium and Zygomycetes.
It consistently outperformed commercially available mould inhibitors in laboratory tests and under commercial storage conditions that were optimised for mould growth.
“The trials showed a 60% stronger efficacy […] compared with common industrial standard products,” says Maarten van der Heijden, Product Manager Selko Preservation.
“The result is a mould inhibitor that delivers the required shelf life together with important cost savings.”
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