IBP receives patent for low-cost algae production system

06-06-2011 | |

Independence Bio-Products (IBP) of Dublin, Ohio (USA) has received a patent from US Patent Office covering the company’s low-cost open-pond system for producing algae for biofuels and animal feeds system year-round, regardless of climate or season.

IBP’s system uses heat recovered from power plants and other manufacturing facilities to maintain water temperatures within precise temperature ranges that optimize algae production.
The patent covers methods and systems for growing algae in water with a heating source; drying the algae with a heat source; and alternatively partially covering the body of water where the algae is grown. Heat recovery systems, algae processing and covers are also included.
IBP’s low-cost open-pond system was validated in an 18-month demonstration project adjacent to a power plant in Shadyside, Ohio.
The project used CO2 from the power plant to feed the algae while waste heat recovered from the plant was used to ensure proper water temperatures. This newly patented system enabled IBP to grow algae year-round, even during harsh winter months.
The project yielded algae solids for animal feeds and algae oil. The algae oil was tested and confirmed as a source upgrading to jet engine fuel by the U.S. Air Force.
Animal feed
IBP’s algae products have also been validated as a high-protein ingredient in animal feed through research at The Ohio State University and a leading global animal nutrition company.
Trials on pigs and fish found that IBP’s algae solids offer a cost-effective source of protein for animal feeds.

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