International livestock expo in Jakarta

24-06-2010 | |

Overseas and domestic companies operating in livestock, animal feed and fisheries industries will participate in the fifth biennial Indo Livestock 2010 Expo and Forum.

Indo Livestock 2010 will be held from July 8-10 at the Jakarta Convention Center and is expected to attract up to 12,000 local and foreign visitors.
“About 350 exhibitors from 35 countries, including China, Singapore, Indonesia and several European countries have confirmed their participation in the event,” event organizer PT Napindo Media  Ashatama director Herman Wiriadipoera told reporters.
Herman said during the event his company would organize business meetings for veterinarians, breeders, farmers, fishermen, food processors, retailers and distributors.
Besides an exhibition, the event would also present discussions on various issues, including a campaign on the improvement of animal protein consumption, which began in 2008 and is set to be declared on a national scale this year, he said.
“Indonesia’s animal protein consumption is still very low compared to other countries in the region,” World Poultry Science Society chairman Desianto Budi Utomo said.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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