IPE/IFE exhibitors go

13-12-2007 | |
IPE/IFE exhibitors go

The 2008 International Poultry Expo and the International Feed Expo introduces a new programme to the 2008 show – Eco-Innovation.

The show held 23-25 January in Atlanta, Georgia, will have two special pavilions to highlight the latest in resource innovation.

The new programme, Eco-Innovation , will spotlight issues such as using poultry litter for fertilizer or fuel, using poultry fat as bio-fuel, fluorescent lighting, wastewater recycling, as well as high efficiency motors and equipment.

Outside the pavilions, Both B- and C-Halls of the Georgia World Congress Center will showcase exhibitors who specialize in improving efficiency and utilizing natural resources. In addition to commercial exhibits, there will be educational displays providing information on current and future conservation technologies.

For more information about the Eco-Innovation program, contact Lauren Kosko-Patty at lpatty@poultryegg.org.

International Poultry Expo and the International Feed Expo

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