IRS 2013 to focus on ways to combat high feed prices

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IRS 2013 to focus on ways to combat high feed prices

The International Rendering Symposium is returning to the 2013 International Production & Processing Expo. Sponsored by the National Renderers Association and US Poultry & Egg Association, the symposium will focus on using rendered product to combat high feed costs.

This year’s International Rendering Symposium will include a presentation by Bill Dieterichs, The Jacobsen Report, on The Economics of Rendered Product. Dr. Charles Starkey, American Proteins, will discuss Controlling Salmonella in Feed. A presentation on The Role of Rendered Products in Aquaculture Feeds will be presented by Dr. Sergio Nates; while Dr. Brian Kerr, USDA, will focus on Rendered Products for Feeding Swine, and Dr. Greg Aldrich, Kansas State University, will present on Rendered Products for Pet Food.

Programmes topics will include an Overview of the North American Rendering Industry; Production Profile of Rendered Protein Meals in Latin America and Its Market Needs for the Pet Food Market; Innovation in the Rendering Industry; Rendering: A Green Industry; and other issue-specific subjects.

The 2013 IPPE, one of the world’s largest annual poultry, feed, and meat industry events, will be held from January 29-31, 2013, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. The International Rendering Symposium is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, January 31 – February 1. For more information on the programme, click here. The two-day programme is $150 to all registered Expo attendees.

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