John Patience joins Iowa State University

09-06-2008 | |
John Patience joins Iowa State University

John Patience will join the Iowa State University Department of Animal Science on Sept. 1.

Patience has led a research unit in Canada that has served as a model
for others. He will join the animal science department as an associate professor
and will focus on current nutritional issues for the swine and feed

The Iowa Pork Producers Association is providing
$100,000 in funds to support the position and help build Patience’s nutrition
research program around Iowa swine industry priorities.

Patience received
his doctorate from Cornell University in nutritional biochemistry. He earned a
bachelor’s degree in animal science and a master’s degree in animal nutrition at
the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Working with the pork industry in
Canada, he helped establish Prairie Swine Centre in 1991, and has served as
the company’s president and chief executive officer since then. Prior to that,
he was on the animal science faculty at the University of Saskatchewan and has
continued there as an adjunct professor. In 2005, Patience received the
Canadian Society of Animal Science Award for Excellence in Nutrition and Meat
Sciences and recently won Lifetime Achievement Awards in both Alberta and

[Source: Iowa State University]

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