Joosen-Luyckx takes over bankrupt Vitafish

27-10-2009 | |

Belgium aqua feed specialist Joosen-Luyckx has taken over the bankrupt company Vitafish, specialised in growing tilapia.

At the moment ten people work at Vitafish; before the bankruptcy it employed 30 people. Current jobs will remain and in the near future more jobs will be created, Joosen-Luyckx said.
After bankruptcy of Vitafish in August the question was raised what to do with the remaining – living –fish in stock. There was no immediate candidate for a takeover.
The city of Moeskroen, where Vitafish is based, decided to take care of the business as long as necessary. When the company went bankrupt there were 750 tonnes of tilapia present of which 500 tonnes were still swimming in the ponds, the official receiver said.
Joosen-Luyckx is specialised in growing sturgeon, processing of poultry and manufacturing of aqua and animal feeds.
The company intends to first solve the financial problems of Vitafish and then improve performance by diversification of the species grown.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed