Kiotech International plans name change name to Anpario

11-11-2011 | |
Kiotech International plans name change name to Anpario

Kiotech International a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high performance natural feed additives for global agriculture and aquaculture markets, will change its name to Anpario plc as of the 1 December 2011.

The Company’s TIDM/ticker will be changed to ANP on the same date.

Anpario plc will continue to trade through its well known and respected customer facing brands such as Optivite, Kiotechagil and Vitrition.  These brands will continue to focus on independently driving health, growth and sustainability in agriculture and aquaculture and will be supported by the administrative function of Anpario plc.

“We have made the change as we want to ensure a clear distinction between the name of our holding company to those of our trading companies and product brands, reflecting that our range of products is not limited to those under the Kiotech umbrella” explained Chief Executive Officer, David Bullen. “We also feel the new name, created by a combination of ‘An’, the first syllable of animal and ‘pario’ from the latin to create produce or make, more accurately reflects our growing ambition in the global market for natural animal feed additives.”

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