Kiotechagil appoints new distribitors

28-10-2008 | |

Agriculture and aquaculture specialists Kiotechagil has successfully concluded new distribution agreements in Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam.  This will bring sales into new territories.

In Egypt, Kiotechagil has signed with Alboraq which has its headquarters in
Mansoura in the centre of the Delta area and the main agricultural region of
Egypt.  Alboraq has recently opened a branch office in Cairo which is
important for contact with Government agencies and major corporations. 
Salkil, Prefect, Oxistat and Sorbasafe are initially registered and will be
followed by the registration of other Kiotechagil products.

Indonesia, Jebsen and Jebsen Chemicals, based in Jakarta will now handle
the Kiotechagil range including Oxihold, Salkil, Moldstat, Sorbatox and
Prefect.  These have already received registration and the range is being
broadened further by other products currently going through the registration

With poultry the main meat source in Indonesia, Jebsen and
Jebsen with offices in Jakarta and Surabaya are ideally placed to supply to the
main production centres. They already distribute a wide range of internationally
known products and have contracts with all the main feedmill

Khoa Hoang Nguyen has been appointed as Kiotechagil
distributor for Vietnam and is based in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the centre
for the majority of the feed mills and livestock production.  They are a
young company established only three years ago by a team of

Kiotechagil products including Bact-Acid, Prefect,
Sorbatox, Mastercube, Aquacube Concentrate and Credence are already registered
in this market.

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