Lallemand host aquaculture symposium in Bangkok

05-09-2012 | |
Lallemand host aquaculture symposium in Bangkok

Lallemand gathered world leading aquaculture experts and industry players in Bangkok for its first South East Asia Aquaculture symposium: “Intestinal health in Aquaculture, a sustainable way toward performance”.

“In the current challenging context of Aquaculture, intestinal health has a critical role to play to optimise the performance of our Aquaculture systems” 

Lallemand Animal Nutrition was pleased to host its main Aquaculture technical event for the first time in South East Asia. This highly technical event dedicated to fish and shrimp intestinal health gathered more than 200 participants from South East Asia, central Asia and Middle East over a 2-day conference.

A total of 13 eminent speakers and experts from all over the world gave more than 15 scientific and technical presentations in the areas of microbiology, immunity, nutrition, fish and shrimp health. 

Particular attention was paid at highlighting the recent advances and knowledge on intestinal health in Aquatic species and the importance of gut management when developing innovative and sustainable solutions to optimise the performance of aquaculture systems. 

Academic speakers and Lallemand‘s product manager also delivered the state of the science about the mechanisms of action and benefits of the unique, scientific based and field supported probiotic strain Pediococcus acidilactici MA18/5M (Bactocell).

Key industrial companies, farmers, scientists and nutritionists attended this event, and reacted positively to the highly technical scope of the seminar.

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