Lallemand wins advert prize in France

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Lallemand wins advert prize in France

Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s Levucell SC advert campaign ‘squeeze out every last drop’ was awarded the best print advert Prize in the Farming category during the 24th Phoebus Awards Ceremony in Paris.

The objective of this advert campaign was to emphasize the effects of the ruminant specific live yeast on feed efficacy, in particular the improved digestibility of forage fibres, a recent scientific findings and key benefit for dairy farmers in today’s economic environment.
Michel Véricat, Operational Marketing Manager for Lallemand AN, who coordinated the campaign, commented: ” The challenge was to link a scientific concept (improved fibres digestibility) to its visible benefits for the farmers (more milk produced for every ounce of forage) and convey this through a striking visual.”
“This was possible thanks to a team work, and we are grateful to our North American colleagues who came up with the ‘squeezing’ concept and our communication agency TBWA/compact for a great design.
“The winners of the Phoebus Awards are largely publicized by the Union of the Agricultural and Rural Press among professionals, key people and media in the French agro-industry, a great opportunity to reinforce Lallemand visibility and establish the Levucell SC brand,” Vericat said.
Biannual contest
The Phoebus Awards are organized every other year by the French Union of the Agricultural and Rural Press to reward the best print advert campaigns in six different categories (Farming, Equipment, Corporate…).
The jury consists of professionals from the press and communication as well as some farmers.
The selection is based on creativity, design, strategy, and the quality of the messages delivered to the readers.
It was the first time that Lallemand took part into this competition.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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